Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So That Happened

The title pretty much says where I am at with my book, folks:

So, that happened.  Now what?

Roughly translated, this means that the big final conflict has happened and now my characters just have to wrap up a few loose ends and then say their goodbyes.  For now, at least.  I definitely hope to revisit this world and some of these characters again in a second book.  Not any time soon, mind you.  Sorry Cass and Niko.  It's been fun and all, but I think we should see other people for a while.

So, I didn't manage to finish last night, despite staying up until three in the morning (for the second night in the row), but I got very very close.  I am confident that I can finish things up today.  I am hoping I can finish up by the end of nap time, but we shall see what we shall see. 

I got a lot of writing done yesterday though, and I am pretty proud of myself.  It is especially impressive, I feel, when you consider how demanding the boss at my day job is.  I mean, sure, she seems all cute and sweet and personable, but when she wants something, she wants it precisely nowish.  She's not above screaming or crying or throwing things, or even figuring out how to get at something that hasn't moved since yesterday when I could swear it was completely out of her reach, just to get my attention.

But I set myself up a little writing station in the living room, pulling in the table from our breakfast nook so I could hang out with her and still work on my writing (while keeping the laptop and cords out of her reach--though she can still get to the mouse if I am not careful).

The view of the wall and china cabinet is ultra-inspiring, I tell you.

That would be Wally lurking under the chair.  Put a chair in the room that he can sit under, and he will.  Anyway, I didn't get a whole lot of extra writing in during the non-baby-sleeping hours, because I was still playing with my daughter, but I did get some done, and it helped a lot.

So, now, I've got some more writing to do.  I will see you later folks!

I will leave you with this reminder:

Don't forget to watch the Stargate Universe mid-season finale tonight on Syfy at 8 pm (CST)!!!

This is a big one.  The ratings have been going up and/or remaining steady over the last few episodes, so if they can have a jump tonight, that just might be the push we need to get a third season!  Plus, the episode looks pretty awesome.

I am also looking forward to tonight's Glee (Fox at 7 pm), mostly because they are doing one of my current favorite songs, but also because I am very curious to see how Kurt's story arc progresses this week.  Here's a sneak peek:

And finally, I will leave you with one more video.  This one had me laughing out loud last night when I was taking a brief break from all of the intense stuff going on in my book.  Enjoy (and make sure your volume is on).

Word Count Update:  72,000
Page Count Update:  130

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