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Stargate Wednesday: Malice (2.8)

Okay folks, sing it with me:

Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers!  Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers!  Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers, SPOILERS!!!

So yeah, if you haven't seen last night's Stargate Universe yet, and wish for it to not be ruined for you, turn back now.

Right then, moving on...

Creepy Lucian Alliance Guy is creepy.

Last night on Stargate Universe, things picked up right where they left off last week, with Eli and Rush showing up on the bridge, where Young had been in the process of giving Park, Brody, and Volker a pep-talk about dealing with Rush now, even though he's a complete jerk and they can't believe he kept such important information from them!  Young seems to be trying really hard to invoke the spirit of cooperation though, so he basically just tells them to get over it and focus on moving forward.

This is actually profoundly sound advice coming from Young.

The scientists do seem pretty excited about this message in the fabric of the universe or whatever (sigh), so they decide to suck it up.  They've managed to make the ship drop out of FTL near to three planets, at least one of which has a gate and looks worth exploring.  They have not figured out yet, however, how to override the countdown clock that starts up whenever the ship drops out of FTL.  So Rush and Eli show up on the bridge and there's some snark and Young tries to play the pacifist, and Rush seems to feel like there's no point in him being there at the moment, which, admittedly, seems to be the case.  I think Young was just trying to include him in things.

Rush decides to head back to his make-out session with Dr. Perry, and Eli tries to think of ways to keep him from doing that.  Rush seems to understand Eli's worries though and promises that nothing will happen.  Well, that's certainly true enough.  As Rush leaves, Eli turns to Young and starts to pester him about bringing Ginn back from Earth instead, but gets a look from Young and drops it.

Rush gets to Ginn's quarters and knocks but there's no answer from Dr. Perry.  After banging on the door and still receiving no answer, he overrides it and goes in, to find this:

Bummer, man.

Yup, she's dead.  Definitely dead.  Rush calls for help and the ship sets into an immediate flurry of action, with Young trying to figure out where all of the Lucian Alliance people are and James grabbing a communication stone back to Earth to see what's going on there.   We then cut to Creepy LA guy, okay, fine, I'll call him Simeon, it's shorter to type.  He's running through the halls, shooting people left and right, and breaking into the armory to stock up.  While he's in there he also grabs a couple of ominous looking discs that, surprise, surprise, turn out to be explosive devices.  Scott radios Young that everyone from the LA is accounted for except for Simeon, whose assigned guard is not answering hails on the radio.  James gets back from Earth, and her update to Young reveals that they've got a dead girl on their end too.  Not only that, but before Ginn/Perry died, Ginn told them that Simeon had all of the information about the looming LA attack on Earth.  Names, times, dates, places, all of it.  Rush takes off like a bat out of hell, figuring out where Simeon has to be headed.

Indeed, Simeon heads for the gate room, continuing to take out anyone in his way.  He finds Volker and Park, who were making ready for the off-world team that should have been going through the gate.  He gets Volker to lock down the room and open the gate, and then takes Park hostage and drags her off the ship.  Volker tries to get Simeon to take him instead but to no avail.  Just after Simeon makes it through the gate, Rush gets into the gate room, and getting a "He went thattaway," from Volker, barrels on after.

On the other side of the gate, Rush finds no sign of Simeon, but he does find Park.

Yeah...looks like you've got a bit of a growth there...

Simeon hasn't gone far, but he did tie Park up and strap a bomb to her back before taking cover behind some big rocks.  I am not entirely certain why he hung around after this, but he watches for a while as Rush tries to disarm the bomb before heading out.  Here was actually my first really big surprise of the episode.  I fully expected Rush to take one look at Park, declare there was nothing he could do for her, and run off, continuing his chase.  Instead, he stopped and did manage to at least get the bomb off of Park before it exploded.  He even managed to alert the recovery team to hold off on coming through until he had dealt with it.  I was extremely, extremely impressed here.  Because, well, I can't think of any self-preserving motivation Rush might have had for helping Park out, especially when he knew there were more people right behind him who could probably take care of the situation.  Even Park was telling him to just go already, but he stayed and did the right thing.  Wow.

So, Park is safe, but understandably shaken up.

NOT my day.

But that's okay, because then we get this:

Greer so loves her.

Seriously, Simeon is on a roll.  First, he kills Eli and Rush's girlfriends (simultaneously, no less), and then he takes Greer's sweetie hostage through the gate.  This guy has apparently not read How to Win Friends and Influence People.

So Rush has by this time run off chasing Simeon, and Scott and Greer follow him, sending Park back to Destiny and splitting up the recovery team into smaller groups to fan out and search.  There's a lot of running around and shooting on the nice rocky planet.  There's even a few more explosions.  Rush really wants to kill Simeon, but Scott is trying to talk him into holding off until after they can extract the information about the LA attack on Earth.  Greer tells Scott that he certainly hasn't forgiven Rush for lying about the bridge, and dude better watch his back.

Basically, Simeon just has to wait out the crew of the Destiny until after it jumps out of range, then he can use the stargate to start backtracking to the planet where the rest of his people were stranded earlier in the season.  The crew only has so long before the ship jumps away, and while they've found a small work-around to the countdown clock--after four hours in FTL the crew can make the ship stop again and they will still be in range of the planet's gate, but just barely, meaning they only get one extension--they are still working within a set time limit.

Meanwhile, back on the ship, Young's got Eli, Park, Voker, and Brody working on a way to stop the countdown clock and Eli is channeling his inner Rush and being a complete jerk to everyone.  Granted, he's hurting, but even Chloe can't get him to talk to her, and she's actually got something relevant to say, even though Eli doesn't want to hear it.  But she gets Young to listen to her and it turns out that those equations Rush has been giving her to work on are starting to make sense to her.  She thinks she can help them find a solution more quickly.  The scientists all freak out, because what if this is the alien part of her taking over so it can plant a sleeper code into the ship's systems?  But Young insists, so they let her work under watchful eyes.  She doesn't figure out how to stop the clock, but she does manage to get into the navigation systems and get Destiny to turn around and go back for the people on the planet.

Back on the planet, Greer, Scott, and Rush track down Simeon, and Greer shoots him in the ass, but he's still mobile and gets away, shooting Greer in the process.  Scott has to get Greer back to the gate, and Rush refuses to give up and goes on.  He manages to trick Simeon and get a herd of alien buffalo to stampede through the clever use of C4, crippling Simeon in the process.  Rush walks up to Simeon, who starts to try to bargain for his life, but Rush just shoots him in the head and makes his way back to the gate.  Ah.  That's the Rush I know.  I was getting worried there for a bit.

So, Eli had a girlfriend, but now she's dead, which sucks.  Especially because now he's just gonna be Mr. Cranky-Pants for God knows how long.  The LA are gearing up for an attack on Earth, and Rush just killed the only person who could give them the information they need to stop it.  Chloe can steer the ship and figure out things about it that the other scientists can't, thanks to her alien reprogramming.  Whew.  Lot going on there.  All in all, I thought this was a pretty A+ episode.  I do wish we could have seen some more about Greer and Park though.  I think all of the other couples are dead, except for Scott and Chloe, and that's just kind of boring, even with her alien weirdness.  So, let's see some more of those two, please?  Or T.J. and Varro?  That'd be cool too. 

Of course, next week, the people from Planet of the Crazy People are back.  Oh joy.  Won't that be interesting.  Well, I guess at least we can (hopefully) finally settle the matter on if T.J.'s baby is alive or not.

Word Count Update:  30,490 out of 50,000

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