Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stargate Thursday: The Greater Good (Revisited)

I know, I know.  Two days about the same episode of Stargate?  Really?  But, I want to take a few minutes to "update" yesterday's SGU review based on some links I stumbled across on the webs.  Notably here and here.

Apparently, I may have jumped the gun in calling Perry's (and by extension Ginn's) death.

In the Q & A section of his blog, SGU writer and executive producer Joe Mallozzi had this tidbit:

Kassian writes: “Please, please can you tell me something regarding her story arc, because I love Julies charakter Ginn and it´s just heartbreaking what happened to her.”
Answer: What happened to her?  If you think you know, think again because this is science fiction, after all.  Anything can happen.  And will.
And also this one:
Nathan writes: “Those guards should’ve been completely focused. Any thoughts as to why there was no guard with him???”
Answer: Now that you mention it, that IS strange.  After all, we did establish the fact that all Lucian Alliance prisoners are only been permitted out of their quarters with an armed escort.  What happened to Simeon’s guard?  Hope he’s okay.  Well, guess we’ll find out next week. :)  I mean :(

On his Facebook page David Blue (who is notoriously anti-spoilers of any kind, which is totally his prerogative but bears mentioning here) had this to say:

David Blue BTW guys, avoid teasers/trailers/sneak-peeks of next week's all-new SGU ("Malice"). It'll just ruin things for you, or make you think things that aren't true. Watching it clean is always best. And, can I just tell you, Robert Carlyle gives an amazing performance in this one. ;)

All of this seems to be trying to say that Creepy LA Guy did not, in fact kill Perry/Ginn.  Now, as I said yesterday, while the end of the episode is a fade-to-black so we don't know exactly what happened, the teaser trailer for next week's episode seemed to pretty much explicitly state that they died at the end of this episode. I do acknowledge it has been a method long in use to tweak the scenes in trailers to make it seem like something happens that really doesn't at all, just to get potential viewers to tune in and find out.  I will give you that.  Maybe that's the case here, and I, like many many other people jumped the gun in making an assumption.  BUT, I can't imagine what other way it could have gone down from the ending where Creepy LA Guy is advancing on Perry.  In that situation, his only recourse to stop Ginn from spilling her guts to Homeworld Security is to kill Perry in Ginn's body, therefore killing both women.

I included the bit from Mallozzi's blog about Creepy LA Guy's guards because I wonder if maybe that isn't the answer and Mallozzi was trying to give us a clue.  Maybe right after the scene cuts away, the guard(s) catch up to him and save Perry, and it's some other "she" entirely who is dead next week.  But that all seems a bit eleventh hour to me.  Don't get me wrong, I like Ginn.  A lot, actually.  And I hope for Eli's sake that she's alright.  But if she is, there had better be a damn good explanation for how she and Perry survived the confrontation with Creepy LA Guy.

It is entirely possible, of course, that Mallozzi and Blue are just trying to throw us off the scent.  Mallozzi certainly doesn't deny that they died.  He just says that it's unlikely that what we think happened is what actually happened--which could mean anything.  And as I've mentioned already, Blue really really really hates spoilers.  I wouldn't put it past him to deny a story element right up until it airs if he believes that people thinking they know what's going to happen will cause them not to tune in.  Again, totally his right to feel that way, I am not judging.  It is just a plausible explanation for the comments above if Creepy LA Guy turns out to have really killed those women.

I said yesterday I couldn't wait for next week's episode, and now that is even more the case.  On a positive note, this week's viewership saw an increase (huzzah!), which hopefully means that next week will stay strong or (knock on wood) rise again, considering this episode left us hanging in a rather artfully suspenseful manner.

Nerds in love (and leather). 

In other news, as it is Thursday, there is a new episode of Riese up to watch, yay!  I forgot to link to Tuesday's episode (bad Cori).  So, here are the links to both:

Riese Episode 5

Riese Episode 6

I am really enjoying this web series so far.  Though, I do think the addition of the narrator, as much as I love Amanda Tapping, is way too intrusive.  It feels like they are trying to dumb it down for an everyman audience or something.  This is, by the way, just one more example of how Syfy doesn't actually understand its audience (or even try to, really).  I think it's a pretty safe bet that anyone who is going to go to the Syfy website twice a week to watch a web series is intelligent enough to infer some things that are shown on the screen without dialogue to explain them in detail.  In fact, I'll even go so far as to say that a lot of us prefer to work some of these things out on our own, as it makes the show more interesting.  Some people have been griping about the addition of the map, to show where each character is, but I kind of like that.  Granted, I am one of those people who gets super happy when I crack open a new book and see a map inside of it.  I think maps are pretty spiffy as a general rule.  Sigh.  But still, I wholeheartedly support this endeavor, and would love to see it have enough online popularity to go the full television series route like Sanctuary did.  Riese would be an excellent addition to Syfy's scant genre lineup.

On the plus side, however, it is great to see Alessandro Juliani play someone awesome again (so far at least).  His character was hands down my favorite on the recent Battlestar Galactica series until his character took an unfortunate (understandable, but still one I couldn't get on board with) turn in the last season.  In fact, if they make Riese a television series, they could make it all about Alessandro Juliani, and I would be a happy Cori. 

Word Count Update:  21,054 out of 50,000

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