Friday, November 26, 2010

I Am Taking the Day Off

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving!  If you are braving the Black Friday crowds and hunting out good deals today, I wish you luck.  I kind of think you're crazy (it's called, Amazon, folks), but, still, I wish you luck.  Happy hunting.

Me?  Well, I have spent the past two days cleaning, running errands, and cooking.  So today, I am taking the day off.  Other than tending to Baby Girl and getting some writing done, I am just going to chill.   This shouldn't be terribly difficult seeing as how our lovely sixty and seventy degree weather seems to have abandoned us.  I know my husband wants to try to start getting some of the Christmas decorations up, so yes, I will help him get the boxes down from the attic.  But in return I am gonna make him sit down and watch some Stargate Atlantis with me. 

I have a few DVDs from Netflix waiting to be watched.  Just so you can get a sense of my own personal brand of schizophrenia, they are:  Hello Again, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and the second disc of the complete series set of Crusade.  I may or may not watch some of those.  If I don't, I will probably give in to the siren call of Towers of Midnight.  I am about halfway through and man oh man things are heating up.

I am also making some pretty good progress on the sweater I am currently crocheting.  I have gotten the main part of the body and one of the sleeves done.  So if I give in to the movies, I will definitely be trying to get the second sleeve done.

And there you have it.  That's my day.  Fun, no?  I hope you and yours are happy and blessed.  Have a wonderful weekend folks.

Yay!  Weekend!

Word Count Update: 47,799 out of 50,000

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