Friday, November 19, 2010

Today's Word is Enthusiasm

Well, I am officially on vacation.  So far, so good. 

Last night's show was completely awesome.  I didn't realize that it was actually a fundraiser to benefit the Make A Wish Foundation.  That totally made up for all of the sorority girls.  Actually, they weren't that bad, I just get grumpy looking at all of those mini-skirts and high-heels.  For some reason they make me unaccountably angry.  But, um, that's probably a foray into my psyche best left unexplored, I am sure. 

ANYWAY.  The show.  Yes.  It was spectacular.  And I don't say that just because my husband was playing bass for two of the three bands.  Calhoun was in fine form.  It's been a while since I've seen them, and I had forgotten how much I truly miss going to see live shows.  That used to be such a big part of my life before I became a hermit.  Also, I really need to get an iPod adapter for my car so I can listen to my ridiculously huge library of music more.  As I was enjoying my absolute favorite Calhoun song, Dead Days, it struck me that it would be absolutely perfect for one of the end of episode music montages on Stargate Universe.  So would Welcome Mat, for that matter.  The music montages have been one of the more controversial changes to the the Stargate format ushered in by SGU, but I could totally be on board with either of those songs putting in an appearance.  They fit the mood of the show, I think, and I could see either of them being appropriate to wrap up any number of things that could happen on the Destiny.  (Fun fact:  Calhoun did actually have a song appear on a season two episode of Chuck.  It was The Earth Has Lost Its Hold.)

The Frontier Brothers were also pretty spectacular.  I only remember seeing them once before, and I had completely forgotten how freaking enthusiastic they are.  Folks, have you ever seen a performer live that, however talented, just didn't suck you in because he or she seemed completely bored with what was happening?  Okay, this was the exact opposite of that.  It is so clear that these guys are having an absolute ball up there on stage.  They were just so stoked to be playing for us, and that in turn made their already pretty awesome songs about a hundred times better.  They are relocating from Austin to New York early next year, these guys are dedicated to doing the rock star thing (which is another important trait for any aspiring artist).  So if you are in Texas, you really should catch them while they're still here, and if you're out east, well, you've got a real treat headed your way.  My only disappointment in their set was that they didn't play The Robot Song.  But my husband informs me that has long since been retired.  I guess that's okay though, because all of the songs they did play were pretty awesome-sauce.

As it is Friday, don't forget to check out the new Gronk.  I'm not gonna lie to you, folks.  If you are a cat owner, and sometimes wonder why, today's strip explains exactly what's going on there.  Go.  Enjoy.  Give Katie Cook lots of love because she is awesome.

On a slightly more serious note, speaking of girls in the realm of Star Wars, this mom's blog made it's way around the interwebs yesterday.   It seems her daughter, in the first grade, recently was bullied by some boys in her class for carrying a a Star Wars water bottle to school, because Star Wars is "for boys."  Well, we all know that's nonsense, of course.  Thankfully, there is a happy update to the blog.  The female Star Wars fans have been commenting on the blog in droves in support of the little girl, Katie, and telling her that she is not alone and to be proud of who she is.  Her mom has been sharing the comments with her and they have been a big boost to her self-esteem and to her Star Wars pride.  If you've got a few minutes, and you're a female Star Wars fan, can I ask that you go leave a supportive comment for Katie?  As a girl who has always leaned toward the tomboy side of the spectrum, I feel for this little girl.  If we can help her be proud of who she is just by sharing our love of Star Wars with her, then I am all for that. 

In another serious topic, Brit Mandelo over on shared a link to Hal Duncan's It Gets Better Video, which takes a more realistic approach at trying to reach LGBT teens who are feeling isolated, and in all probability, angry, about the treatment they receive simply for being who they are.  Be warned, the language is pretty strong, but it's worth a watch, check it out here.  The circumstances that led to the creation of the It Gets Better Project sadden and anger me greatly.  But the fact that it does exist now is a good, good thing. 

Now, back to happier thoughts.  My husband and I are off to see the new Harry Potter movie in a couple of hours.  I can't wait!  Hopefully I'll have a review up for you on Monday.  Now, go forth and have a fantabulous weekend!

I'll take it, 'cuz it feels like a win. 

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