Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tingly With Anticipation

With the start of a new year, the internet is rampant with people getting excited about the cool new things to look forward to in 2012. Lists are everywhere. A common theme I keep seeing is "most anticipated movies of 2012."

Now, I don't get to the movies nearly enough (by my reckoning, at least) now that I have a kiddo. It is possible this will be the year that changes that--she's growing up and soon we'll be able to do our mommy/daughter movie lunches together. I am really looking forward to that, but it won't come to pass probably until at least the back end of the year.* Even when it does, we'll be limited in what we can see together, because I know there will be a higher chance of her sitting still (and quietly) throughout if she is also engaged in the story. I don't think she'll be ready yet when this is released, but, if she is, this is probably the first thing I'll take her to see:

I'll be going to see Brave in theaters regardless, but it would be awesome if I could enjoy it with Baby Girl. We shall have to see.

Other than Brave, there are three other movies that I know I will be making the effort to see in theaters this year. I am super excited for each one of these.

The Avengers should, I hope, be a super fun romp. I absolutely adored Thor, found myself surprisingly engaged by Captain America, and also enjoyed the Iron Man films more than I expected. Add to this the fact that Joss Whedon is directing and I (and most of geekdom) have high hopes that this is just going to rock, pure and simple. Marvel has really done an amazing job with these one-universe films and I think that The Avengers will be the deciding factor on whether or not they keep it up. I hope they do. It's nice to have these things all tied together just a little bit. It makes the story feel a little bit more complete in my mind.

Next up, there's this:

John Carter, based on A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. This...this is something I have been waiting for for a long time. I discovered Burroughs when I was about ten or eleven, picking up the first Tarzan book and becoming completely captivated by the world that Burroughs created on the page. I picked up many of his other series, and while the John Carter books aren't my favorites by a long shot, I have grown to appreciate them more in my adulthood, despite the problems arising from the fact that Burroughs was a man writing at the turn of the twentieth century with many of the outlooks and prejudices of his times. Still, his heroes always do feel like true heroes to me, and his world-building is absolutely phenomenal. I am very pleased to know that the movie is keeping the original era of the books (post-Civil War) intact, and I am quite curious to find out how this adaptation plays out. "Squee" doesn't even begin to cover my reaction to the approach of this film.

Finally, I am also waiting on tenterhooks for:

The Hobbit just squeaks past John Carter as the movie I am most looking forward to. Mostly because I am not really worried about it letting me down like I am with John Carter. Peter Jackson has more than earned my trust in regards to this franchise. I am not entirely sure I even need to explain why I am so excited about this one, but I'll try. Martin Freeman! Dwarves! Dwarves singing! I think every card-carrying geek on the planet is looking forward to it at least a little.

Honestly? I don't even care what else comes out this year. Let these four films entertain me, and I will be more than satisfied.

What movies are you guys most looking forward to this year?

*Yes, I know that many theaters have "child-friendly" viewings, where parents are welcome to bring their young kids and the lights aren't turned down all of the way and whatnot. I personally have no desire to attend one of those. For me going to the movies is a special kind of experience. I don't even like to get up to take a bathroom break during the film. I like to nip down in my seat and just let the movie take me away. Hence my personal decision not to take my daughter to the theater until she is able to at least sit more or less still and quiet throughout the film.

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