Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Add An Extra Shot of Cozy

With my first blanket of the year finished up and The Scarf still in the works, I had a few quick small projects I thought I'd knock out before starting up blanket number two. The first of those was a cozy for the lovely new Kindle I received as a Christmas present.

Kindle Cozy by Cori 2012.
Pattern: Easy Laptop/iPhone Sleeve by Neesha Edrupt
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver (two balls from my stash)
Hook: H

That "easy" in the name of the pattern? Yeah, it is no joke. All there is to this pattern is a basic chain and then single crochet down each side and around until you hit the desired length. I worked this up in a couple of hours. I probably could have eventually come up with doing it this way on my own, but I did look at several patterns online, knit and crochet, before deciding to go with this one, so credit where credit is due, eh? This is a great stash buster project too. I used two strands of regular worsted weight together to make it a bit thicker and sturdier. It also has the added bonus of giving it that cool visual texture. I love projects where I can use two (or more) strands at once! They have to be small and pretty mindless pattern-wise though, or I get a bit sidetracked.

Without the Kindle.

Sliding it on in. It's like a nice little sleeping bag for my reader!

Now, the fit on this thing is entirely customizable, of course. I made mine a little more snug than I probably needed to, strictly speaking. I could have added one more chain in the foundation to make it slip in and out with a bit more ease. But I wanted it to be snug. This is not for quick and easy access, but rather to keep it out of the hands of my lovely darling daughter and away from the paws of kitties who don't necessarily bother to look where they are stepping when prowling on the furniture. Also, this will keep it from getting scratched up if I throw it in my purse or another bag. I like that, a lot. I did toy with the idea of adding handles, either at the top, just working them right into the pattern, or along the side, just crocheting a strap and attaching it. In the end though, I decided to just leave it as a sleeve. I am pretty happy with how it turned out.  I might have to make one of these for my netbook as well, come to think of it.

Snug as a bug and safe from kitties and babies.


Huzzah for small quick projects! I love when I can just knock one out in an afternoon. It is a wonderful feeling, let me tell you. I've got one more in the works that I should be able to show you next week. I think you'll get a kick out of that one, too. After that, it is on to another blanket. I added a new one two more to the list this week too, but that's okay. I am really digging this schedule I've got going right now, so hopefully I won't be experiencing a blanket-related meltdown in the next few months. We shall see. We shall see.

I am wondering what the repercussions would be if I sent out a general request to my friends and family to stop procreating/finding the loves of their lives/finding their dream homes--just for the next year or so.... Of course, when I put it like that, I can only be happy that the people I love are all so happy and just tell myself to shut up and pick that crochet hook back up. After all, it really is just silly to complain when my blanket list is so big for so many happy reasons.

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