Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blankets 'R Us

Not a whole lot of "new" going on with my yarn-life this week. Finally figuring out a workable schedule for that scarf has done wonders for my progress on that front, and blanket number one for the year is coming along really well.

I did buy the yarn for another blanket project last week, which puts me up to three blankets in line ready to be made and two more in the queue for which I need to buy yarn (I realized there is one more I will need to make this year). My poor closet is overflowing with yarn at this point--for projects and just general stash.

Here's what I've got waiting in the wings blanket-wise at the moment:

Baby Blanket One

Baby Blanket Two

Wedding Gift Blanket Two

I've got a few different yarns to play with, which I am kind of excited about. That will keep things interesting I hope. Pulling all of this out and getting it all sorted for photos (and to make my closet a little bit neater) kind of made me feel a bit like a blanket factory. I am not sure that's a bad thing, as it were, I specifically started crocheting again as an adult to make blankets. I love finding new patterns and yarns to try out and am almost always super proud of the finished project. I love getting positive feedback from the recipients as well, that always gives me a warm fuzzy.

Still, constantly working on such big projects can get trying. So far, this A/B project schedule I have going on, where I work on one project for a few day a week and then the blanket for the rest, seems to be keeping me engaged. I definitely want to try to keep that up. Maybe by next winter I'll get that poor sweater done...

Anyhoo, that's where I'm at right now. I think it's a pretty good place. Hopefully next week I'll have a finished project to show you! Until then, friends.

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  1. Well, I for one, feel honored to be a multiple-time recipient of blankets, and a puppy, from Cori's Blanket Factory. :-)