Friday, January 13, 2012

That Familiar Itchy Feeling

I've shied away from making any resolutions for the new year thus far. Mostly, this is because I failed so spectacularly to fulfill my 2011 resolutions (or goals, I think I called them). This is not me being down on myself, it's just a simple fact. Yet somehow despite not achieving most of what I wanted to achieve, I still entered 2012 feeling pretty good about the year I had just left behind. Just because I didn't get a lot of things done that I had expected to do or that I thought I wanted to do doesn't mean I didn't accomplish a whole heap of stuff.

So. No resolutions.

Still, if I were inclined to make any, I know there would be at least one in there about writing. I have kind of, not resigned myself exactly, but more like decided to not press myself to write actual fiction throughout the year with the exception of National Novel Writing Month. The truth is, these last two years NaNoWriMo is the one thing that really managed to get my writer's butt in gear. I go insane throughout the entire month of November and think that I can't possibly manage it, and yet I love the experience. Even more so, I love the final result: a finished first draft.

I do very much intend to post my 2011 novel here over the course of the year. Hopefully as I edit it/write the second draft. I kind of feel like I need to get myself going on that front, but at the moment I feel like there's no hurry. I really do want to do that, and I am more or less happy with the story, so I think that even if I can't bring myself to do an extensive edit, I won't be too ashamed to put it up more or less as is.

Yet lately I've been feeling an itch...a drive to sit down and write. I feel like maybe I can find an hour out of each day, or even an hour out of three days a week, to sit down and do this. It will mean changing my lovely solid comfortable schedule, of course, but I think it might also be worth it.

Right now that feeling is more just a vague urge jumping up and down in the back of my head, clamoring for attention. I am not sure what exactly it thinks I am meant to be writing at the moment. I have considered opening up my file of story ideas, maybe perusing that will give me some inspiration. But I am not sure that's the path to take. With the start of a new year I feel like maybe I should be writing something new as well. Something fresh, something I haven't already started and abandoned once (or more).

So for those of you who wonder if I am writing anything new, I can only provide this answer:

Not yet. But...maybe...probably...soon.

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