Friday, January 27, 2012

That One Last Thing

So this week I finally got around to putting away the Star Wars Lego advent calendar we had up in December. It was the final remnant of our holiday decorations. I had considered putting it away with the rest of the Christmas stuff, to be brought back out and used again this year. But when Hubby started taking down all of the decorations we had a conversation that went more or less like this:

Me: I am trying to decide if I want to pack away the Lego advent calendar to use again next year or if I want to keep the minifigs out.

Hubby: Keep 'em out!

Me: Really? You think so?

Hubby: Sure. I figured we'd just get another Star Wars Lego calendar next year.

Me: I love you!

Hubby: I know.

Yeah, you might think I just threw that list bit in there to be funny, what with the topic being Star Wars related and all. Nope. We're totally one of those couples. Quote Han and Leia all of the time.

Anyhoo. So, the decorations got put away and the calendar and Legos stayed out. Until this week. I decided to just clip the little flap off of each day's compartment of the calendar box--that was the bit with the assembly diagram for each kit--and put them all in a baggy along with the random figures and kits that I didn't necessarily feel like displaying. Those will get added to our Lego collection when next I brave the attic to go through it.

Of course, once I had done that, and set aside the minifigs (and a few other bits) that I wanted to keep out, I had to figure out where exactly to put them. Baby Girl is not above finding every little Lego bit I have out somewhere and completely taking it apart when I am not looking. Then I find her, or she brings the pieces to me, and she looks so dang proud of herself. Sigh. So, yeah. Had to find a safe place to display them. In an ideal world, I would have a curio cabinet specifically for Legos (and you know, really, I'm not joking, if I can figure out where I would put it, and find one I like, that is happening one of these days). Sadly, I have no such thing. In the end, I settled for the china cabinet. The doors are tricky enough (and high enough) that Baby Girl can't work them yet.

So in addition to my random teapots, teacups, and a few other things, my china cabinet now boasts a small display of Star Wars Legos.

Even got 'em divided by alignment.

Bad Guys: mini TIE Fighter, TIE Pilot, Nute Gunray, an Imperial mouse droid, and a Separatist battle droid.

Good Guys: Chewy, mini Millennium Falcon, Clone Trooper, X-Wing, Wedge X-Wing Pilot, and an astromech droid.

I mean, they're not that out of place, right? I think they go quite nicely with the Mega Blocks dragons lining the top of the cabinet, really.

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