Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Top Things Off

Okay, remember when my friend asked me to make a baby hat for her photography studio? Well, before she sent me a picture of the hat she wanted, I started looking at patterns for baby hats in case she didn't have anything specific in mind. I stumbled across one that I just thought was too cute. So after I made her the requested hat, I kind of still wanted to make the hat that I had found to give her.

So I did.

Lavender Cap by Cori 2012.

Cap modeled by (slightly less creepy than the last but still no less) naked baby doll.

Pattern: Baby Hat With Flower* by Lion Brand Yarn
Yarn: JoAnn Sensations Bellazza Selection Tesoro** in Purple (maybe half a ball)
Hook: US I

*Link may require a free registration to see pattern.
**Tesoro appears to no longer be available, so link just goes to JoAnn's Sensations line.

I used a ball of wool yarn that my mom bequeathed to me the last time she was cleaning out her stash because it seemed just the right texture and color for what I had in mind. This sucker took me maybe an hour to make. It is such a simple pattern! I am not sure how I feel about the flower, but other than that I love this.

I love it so much, I decided I wanted to make a slightly bigger version for my kiddo.

So I did.

Cherry on Top by Cori 2012

Modeled by my lovely, yet seemingly uninterested, daughter.

Same pattern and hook, although I just increased the base of the hat two more times and then added more rows of the shell stitch pattern to make it larger. The yarn I used for this was Knit Picks Brava Worsted in Red (less than half a ball).

Making quick fun little projects like this really has me wishing I was more inclined to wear hats. They are so easy to make! Who knows, maybe this winter I'll be able to convince myself to don a few new caps...

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