Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Really Wish I Wore Hats

Because they are so quick and fun and easy to make. Seriously.

On my road trip to Illinois a few weeks ago I of course took a few projects with me to work on during the drive. One of those I started and finished in a day, because it was a hat.

Supplies for a hat...

Enrique by Cori 2012.

Pattern: Really Easy Slouchy Beanie by Jennifer DiMaria
Yarn: Southwest Trading Company Llama Luxury in Brown (two skeins)
Hooks: US G and US H

Luckily, while I might not wear hats very often, my husband absolutely loves them, so this one was for him. It is named Enrique because when I was entering the finished project in Ravelry and wondering out loud what to name it, that is what he tossed off at me. I shrugged and figured it's his hat, might as well let him name it.

As the name of the pattern suggests, this truly was a very easy project to make. I did alter it a little from the pattern as written. I stopped at row twenty-two instead of twenty-eight before changing to the smaller hook (largely because I realized I probably did not have enough yarn for the full pattern). I also did half-double crochet instead of single crochet for the band to allow for my husband's not small head. Also for the band itself I only made three rows instead of six.

He seems pretty happy with how it came out.

Hat model!

I think this was my first project using llama fiber and it was very nice and soft, though it sheds something fierce. I think I might try a hat for myself with this pattern before winter approaches, I really do like it.

That isn't to say I will actually wear the thing though. Sigh.

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