Friday, June 1, 2012

Looking Ahead To November

As of this writing, I am almost done with the revision of Choices. I managed to stay pretty far ahead of my self-imposed schedule once I got started because I found myself getting into the story all over again and remembering how much it surprised me. I mean, I really do love this thing. I hope those of you that are reading it are enjoying it as well, and that you continue to do so.

Currently I have two chapters left to revise, which will end up being three chapters because one of them will be expanded and split into two in that process. I should get them done next week. I'm actually going to be a little sad to wrap up the story, I have come to realize. But I was recently reminded that for "winning" at National Novel Writing Month, I actually have the opportunity to get five free paperback copies of my book printed up. I believe I just might take advantage of that offer, because it will be awesome to have a physical book in my hands that I wrote and it will also mean I can just pick that up and revisit this story and these people any time I feel like it.

Here's the funny thing, though. I really thought this story was a one-off. I had no intention of writing anything else in this world. These characters' stories have been told. Also, I am so deeply steeped in this world of ongoing series in which we exist that I really wanted to just write something that could stand alone on its own. But throughout the revision process it dawned on me that there just might be more stories to tell after all. 

One of the side characters in Choices definitely caught me by surprise as I was writing, and as I was rewriting I kind of fell in love with him a little bit all over again, in that way a writer does with someone they want to know more about. Yes, yes, I know, I made him up, don't I know everything about him already? Nope. That's not how writing works. Not the way I do it, anyway. 

Obviously I can't tell you who this character is, because dude, SPOILERS, you guys are only up to chapter three after all. But I seem to have come to the decision that my novel for this year will be his story. It might touch on things that happened in Choices, about his interactions with Laren and the others from his perspective, perhaps. Mostly though, it will be about where he goes next, because I've realized that his story is really just beginning where Choices leaves off. 

It's kind of crazy to realize it's only just June and I already know the basic elements of what my story will be come November. But you know what? I'm not gonna argue with the muse. I really didn't set out to write a series, and I don't even think this will be one in a traditional sense, but I guess I am just not ready to give this world up quite yet after all. 

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