Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More Diversions

Man, I swear that the blanket I am working on is progressing. I am actually hoping to get it finished up this week. I just keep getting distracted by quick little projects. This time, it was at the request of a friend. She has a (kickass) photography studio* and asked if I could make a newborn sized hat for an upcoming session.

Armed with a picture of a hat that she liked, and that I thought I could replicate (or at least get pretty darn close) and a description of the type of yarn she wanted it to be made out of, I went shopping and then got to work.

Here's how it turned out:

Baby Bear Hat by Cori 2012.

Baby Bear Hat will be modeled today by creepy naked baby doll.

Added feature: removable flower. Unisex hat for the win!

Yarn: JoAnn Fabrics' Sensations Sumptuous in Sumptuous Brown (one skein) and Classic Elite Sprout in Yellow (one ball)
Hooks: US P (hat) and US H (flower)

Very quick work up here. I just made a basic beanie (switching from single crochet to double once I was done increasing and then finishing the last row with single crochet) and added ear flaps and ears. I sewed a button on to the back of the flower so that it can just be slipped on the hat by sticking the button through the stitches. All in all it was a fun little project and my friend seemed very happy with it, so I call that a win.

Now, time to get back to that blanket. Here's a sneak peek for you just to prove it does actually exist:

I don't even drink coffee but this colorway is kind of giving me a craving.

*If you are in the DFW area and need a photographer, seriously go check her out. She is fantastic!

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