Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ducky Momo

As my daughter gets a bit older, she is starting to develop some preferences of her own when it comes to cartoons and other television. One of her clear favorites to have emerged lately, one that she will actually ask for by name (thank goodness for On Demand) is Disney's Phineas and Ferb. Thankfully, this show is actually pretty fantastic, so I am more than okay with this. Recently, however, she started asking for a specific character from the show. She's been asking for Ducky Momo. Now, Ducky Momo is kind of just a running joke on the show, a toy that the title characters' big sister is in love with despite being a little too old for it. This video might give you something of an idea about the character:

My daughter, unlike Candace, is just about the perfect age for Ducky Momo, however, and she has latched on to him big time. So after she asked for him the umpteenth time, it dawned on me that maybe she needed a Ducky Momo of her own. I looked at a few pictures online and I thought that the character would lend itself pretty well to being an amigurumi (crocheted toy). I couldn't find any existing patterns, so I decided to just wing it. I have to say, I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

Ducky Momo by Cori 2012

Side view. Note the toddler in the background to get an idea of scale.

I am kind of crazy proud of the little crown of feathers on top of his head. 

Yarn: Knit Picks Brava Worsted in Canary (one ball), Lion Brand Vanna's Choice Baby in Goldfish (one ball), some remnant worsted white and black for the eyes
Hook: US G

I knocked him out in a day and my daughter really seems to like him. She carries him around and shows him things and talks to him. It's really cute. Also, I think she was really just happy that finally she could actually play with one of the toys I made once it was done.

So, it was a bit of a sidetrack in my current blanket project, but definitely well worth my time, to be sure. Now I just have to find a window to make that Perry the Platypus I found a pattern for...

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