Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Moving Along

Well, I totally skipped out on the social at the yarn store this weekend. I just wasn't feeling the awkward attempt at socializing and was pretty certain I was not up to resisting the urge to buy more yarn, so I went to a movie instead.

Things are progressing on the project front, if slowly. The blanket I am working on is starting to actually look like a blanket, and I am getting more excited about working on it, so it is eating up my sweater-making time. It is also eating up yarn at a ridiculous rate. As far as I can tell, my gauge is correct, yet it still seems as if it is using up yarn way too fast. I went ahead and picked up a few more skeins when I was at the store this weekend. I'm already going on something like five different dye lots, so I figured that adding one more to the mix probably wouldn't hurt anything. (It's a natural color and a fleck to boot, and I am very carefully alternating dye lots so I don't get any weird color pooling, so the multiple lots isn't having an adverse effect on the project.) Wonder of wonders, they actually had enough skeins in one of the dye lots I was already using, though. Score!

As I mentioned, been working on the blanket, so while progress has been made on my sweater, it hasn't been enough to warrant a new photo. I did take it with me Friday night to my husband's Central Market gig and worked on it in honor of "I Love Yarn Day." That was nice. I am trying to console myself with the reassurance that the piece I am working on, the back, is by far the biggest piece of the project, and so once that is (finally) done, it will all be downhill.

Also! I can finally show you a project I finished a little while ago, now that it has been gifted to its owner.

Jamie's Scarf by Cori 2011.

Modeled by moi.

Pattern: Diagonal Box Stitch Afghan by Sandra Petit
Yarn: Lion Brand Jamie DK in Blue Bonnet, Sunshine, and Little Boy Blue (one ball each)
Hook: K

I wanted something warm and thick for my friend to be able to wear on recess duty (she's a teacher), so I used three strands at once in my old standby blanket pattern. This yarn is lovely, and as soon as Lion Brand announced it, I knew I had to make something out of it for my friend, and as she had a birthday this past weekend, the timing worked out quite well. I just worked it to a decent width and kept extending the length until I ran out of yarn more or less. It isn't terribly long, so I added some buttons from my ridiculous (but handy) button collection so it could be securely fastened about the neck, and voila! I am pretty happy with how it turned out. Super warm and soft.

There is another small project I might try to get whipped up this week, as I continue to work on my two biggies. I have also been looking at my sock yarn and dreaming a little bit. My two most recent acquisitions:

Cascade 220 Fingering in 9593

I couldn't get a good picture of this one, but it is a really lovely soft greenish grey (and a really lovely soft yarn). I envision this becoming a beautiful pair of socks. Something mostly simple, but maybe with a few cables. Clearly I am dreaming big here, as I haven't even begun to think about learning how to do cables.

Knit Picks Felici in Time Traveler

Then, of course, there is my Time Traveler, which came in this week. That will eventually be a lovely pair of knee socks for myself (and possibly a pair for my daughter as well).

Oh the possibilities...

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