Friday, April 1, 2011

Cute Little Bugger, Isn't He?

Not much to say today. The pretty weather seems to be back again, and my fingers are crossed that it is here to stay.

Baseball season has started up again, huzzah! The Cards lost their opening day game, sadly, but it went into two innings of overtime, so that's not too shabby really. The Rangers opener is today and I am rooting for them of course.

I finished this little guy up yesterday:

San Antonio Sam by Cori 2011.

Well, howdy!

Pattern: San Antonio Sam, The Nine-Banded Armadillo by Ann Marie Ivins (Pattern is available for purchase at Knit Picks.)
Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Bramble Heather and Mink Heather (1 skein each)
Hook: G

This is a present for an older brother who has a sibling on the way. I didn't make him a baby blanket because he arrived around the same time as Baby Girl and no one who had a kid then got a blanket from me. But since I have decided to make his brother a blanket, I thought I would make him a little something as well. My daughter really seemed to like Sam, she threw a holy fit when I wouldn't let her play with him actually (until I distracted her with a giant plastic crochet hook), so I hope that Sam's new owner will appreciate him.

His ears are a bit wonky, but I like him all the more for it, I think.

Now, off to start the next baby blanket before the weekend. Have a great one folks, and if you've been blessed with this nice weather as well, be sure to get out there and enjoy it!!

Oh, and don't forget to swing by the Gronk page to check out this week's installment! This week Gronk delves into the mysterious behavior of kitties.

Later y'all.

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