Monday, April 11, 2011

Begin the Countdown...

Less than a week to go now. Through some weird quirk of fate, most of my immediate family has decided to come visit me this month. My mom and stepfather arrive this coming Saturday and will stay through Wednesday morning. Meanwhile, Tuesday afternoon, my father, stepmother, sister, and nephew will also journey here. They'll stay through Friday. I am looking forward to this very very much.

Most of the time I am fine with the fact that my family all lives so far away (they are coming here to Texas from Iowa, East Tennessee, and San Francisco). I have always had a bit of an independent streak. You all know I am predisposed to be a hermit. Besides, my mom's family is largely military, so I grew up with a spread out family being the status quo. In these modern times we have free long-distance phone calls and the internet available for keeping in touch. My mother and I have also been discussing the possibility of investing in webcameras so we can do video-calling. But none of that compares to actually getting to see my family in person, getting to laugh with my sister and enjoy the fact that we actually get along now, getting to bond with my mom over yarn-crafting, with my dad over being something of a road warrior, etc.

So I will be spending this week preparing, mentally and physically, for everyone to descend upon us. Mostly this means getting the house presentable for company, stocking up the fridge and pantry, and talking my husband into trying to maintain a somewhat normal human schedule during that week (he's gonna do his best, bless him).  My super awesome mother-in-law is coming over on Wednesday so I can get my dang hair cut, because I have decided that it Must Be Done, and I will be antsy until that is taken care of. That's not really preparation for the visit, but it kind of is. I guess I am trying to get myself presentable for company as well.

All the while I will be fighting the ridiculously strong urge to start up a second game of Dragon Age II. It's been nagging at me for the last week or two and I have thus far been fighting it, but I can feel my resolve weakening.

It's going to be an interesting week...

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