Friday, April 15, 2011

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Family invasion of awesome begins tomorrow, huzzah! My mom and stepfather will be getting in sometime in the early afternoon. I am really excited about their visit! Before that we have to get up crazy early to do the Fort Worth Zoo Run, and then we are having a birthday breakfast with a friend (since family will still be in town on his actual birthday). Tomorrow's gonna be a bit nuts. But it should be the fun kind of nuts. Guess I am going to bed early tonight...

I don't have too much to say today, I'm kind of distracted finishing up getting ready for company and being excited about seeing my mom again. But I do have a few random bits to send you off to your weekend.

For anyone wondering, I did indeed go get my haircut on Wednesday. I am pretty happy with how it came out. Here are the before and after shots:

Long hair...

...short hair.

This is the cycle I have been on pretty much since my sophomore year of high school. I'll grow it out for a while, get fed up with it, and then cut it short. This is the longest I have let it grow out in quite some time, however. I really did want to try to maintain it at a longer length. But summer is coming and my hair is crazy thick, and after a few warmish days I realized that, ponytail or no, that was just too much hair for a Texas summer. I normally get it cut a little shorter, actually, and then spend several months being irked that I cannot put my hair in a ponytail any more. This time I thought it out beforehand and when I went in I asked the stylist to cut it as short as she could while leaving it long enough for a ponytail, and that is exactly what I got. Problem solved. Excellent.

Oddly enough, this is also the first time in years that I have gotten the appropriate haircut for the season. Usually I leave it long during the summer and warm months (so I can pull it in the aforementioned ponytails), and then by winter I am sick of messing with it and go get it cut off. Should be interesting to see how a short-haired summer goes...well, interesting for me, I mean. I know no one else cares.

In Baby Girl news, I have discovered a new and interesting side effect to letting her have the roam of the house. She has determined that some of the toys that previously lived in her bedroom should live in the living room and vice versa. More specifically, she has decided that all of her stuffed dragons (she has many) should live in the same place.

Dragon party! With special guests Duck, T-Rex, and Turtle.
One of these things is not like the others...

She is quite adamant about this new arrangement. Wednesday night when I tried to put some of the dragons back in her bedroom during pre-bedtime cleanup, she threw a holy fit. Freaked the cat right out. He had to come sit in the bathroom on the counter during her bath where he could keep an eye on her the whole time and ensure that I was not, in fact, murdering her. Sigh. Last night went much better. I tried to sneak some of the dragons back into her bedroom, but she found them while we were still picking up and moved them back to the toy chest in the living room. I decided I could live with this new arrangement and let it be. Much happier bath time!

She also likes to carry all of the dragons around and arrange them in various spots in the house now. I was joking the other day that she was "holding court" because she had arranged all of them in a semicircle around her and was just sitting there gabbing at them. Last night, when I was trying to be sneaky about putting them away, I found she had put them all in a line in front of the front door. Dragons are indeed fierce guards, didn't ya know?

Then there was this:

Gotta keep an eye on the fridge! Except for that guy on
the end, he's apparently watching the dishwasher.

I have no idea what the duck is doing...

Anyway, you guys have a fantastic weekend! I certainly plan to.

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