Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chevy Chase and Some Dude

Because I truly have nothing I care to write about today, I give you my favorite music video of all time:

"You Can Call Me Al" by Paul Simon. 
(Featuring the impossible bass lick!)

This video is perfect in its simplicity. It absolutely never fails to make me smile. I always used to describe it as "Chevy Chase and some dude in a room with instruments." It is entirely possible that if you had asked me twenty years ago, I would have told you that this song was, in fact, by Chevy Chase. Most likely the video caught my eye because he is an actor I adored as a child and still hold a soft spot in my heart for today (I think it is because at some point when I was little I equated Chevy Chase with the TV version of my dad).

It wasn't until years later when I actually started taking an interest in music and musicians that I realized that the other "dude" in the video was Paul Simon, the guy who actually sings the song. Every now and then I try to be embarrassed about that fact (and I really should be given my insane level of fixation on music trivia), but it really is hard to do so, because it makes me think of the video again, and then I start humming the song, and well, it's hard to be embarrassed about anything when you are humming "You Can Call Me Al."

It does make me wonder, however. What innocuous little thing from today my daughter will remember without knowing some of the simple details, that she will later rediscover and love all the more for her early silliness?

That's all I've got, folks. Have a wonderful day! It is shaping up to be absolutely gorgeous here, so I think I may need to go take advantage of the lovely weather.

Ciao! (Insert imaginary moped sounds here.)

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