Monday, March 7, 2011

The Adventures of Mathman and Dragongirl!

Don't forget to watch tonight's ALL NEW episode of Stargate Universe on Syfy!!!!

2011 ECCC Logo

Oh my goodness, Emerald City Comiccon (ECCC) was an absolute blast! We met some cool people, I came out of my shell a little bitty bit, I got lots of photos, a few videos, and a TON of swag. My husband and I also got to do a few touristy things while we were in Seattle outside of the convention. All in all, I'd say we celebrated our sixth anniversary in style.

We are flying back home today, and losing two hours in the process because of the time change (joy). I am looking forward to seeing my daughter again, I can tell you that. I know she is going to look like she has grown exponentially since we left, sigh. I am going to split up my recap of the convention into a few posts for you (partly because one entry would be MASSIVE, which I don't have the time for at the moment, and partly because my laptop doesn't like the video format my camera uses and I also have a few photos I need to scan so I can post, so there are some things I can't share with you until I am at home anyway).

Today, we'll focus on webcomics. I got to meet everyone I was hoping to meet, and picked up quite a few books and other merchandise. (Yay!) I even picked up a book for a new comic that I hadn't heard of but that looked really interesting, as well as cards for several other potential new series to check out. I will let you know more about those if I enjoy them! I was really impressed by all of the webcomic artists represented at the show, I can see why this convention is one of the favorites of the folks I read. Everyone I met and talked to was really nice. We got quite a few groovy sketches, and I even managed to get photos with my top three (well, four, technically).

Lar de Souza, me, and Ryan Sohmer.
On day one I got to pose for a photo with two very talented guys. Lar and Sohmer draw and write (respectively) Looking for Group and Least I Could Do, and they are the creative force behind The Gutters. That's a lot of strips to manage, but these guys manage to keep it going and maintain three top-quality comics. I rushed right to their booth as soon as the con opened up so I could be sure to get a stuffed Fel Bunny (to go with my stuffed Li'l Richard). I also got a new Richard shirt. They were both super nice and genuinely excited to be at the convention.

Also, I got oodles of compliments on my Pony shirt that day, which was really nice, and it let me point a few people towards the LFG/LICD/TG booth.

Me with Dave Kellett.
On day two I got to pose with Dave Kellet, creator/writer/artist of Sheldon and Drive, which I have gushed about here before. Met him on day one (his booth was right behind Lar and Sohmer's), but wanted a photo with him in my Sheldon shirt, so went back to say hi again the next day (and to tell him how awesome the newest Drive strip was). When we were buying swag from him on the first day, he had forgotten a sharpie with which to sign prints, and I had one in my bag, so I gave it to him (I have many, many sharpies at home). We had to pop into Walgreen's Saturday morning to pick up something for my husband and I wandered past the section with sharpies, so we decided to pick up a couple more for Kellett, so he could have them just in case. He possibly thought I was a little crazy and sharpie-obsessed (it is not as if he would be wrong to think this, mind you), but he was super nice every time we stopped by to talk to him. Just a stand-up guy.

Me with Jeph Jaques.
On day three I rounded out my artist trifecta with a picture of myself and Jeph Jaques, creator/writer/artist of Questionable Content. I also ended up buying a second QC shirt (I have mentioned that I love the shirts this guy makes, right? The two I got this weekend bring me up to at least four for his strip, and we bought another two for someone else as a gift for Christmas last year), one about sharks. I my have weirded him out a bit when I told him that he has ruined dolphins for me, but I meant it in the best way possible. That way being that I am sure his intent was to educate people about what jerks dolphins are, and in my case, he succeeded. Super glad I got to meet him though. I also got a pretty nifty sketch of Momo (the most adorable anthroPC in the strip) in my book, score!

Since one of my major goals for the convention was to get to meet/get photos with/get sketches from my favorite webcomic artists, on that note alone, I think we can call the weekend a rousing success. Of course, there were many, many other awesome moments throughout the weekend, and I'll go into some of those tomorrow.

(Brief aside: Yes, Stargate Universe starts up again tonight, yay! Though, grr, why did they move it to Mondays? Sigh. I probably won't get to watch it tonight because we will be getting in from our trip right around when it airs. I will do my episode recap/review later in the week though, I just ask for a little patience on that front. Regular Stargate blogging (now on Tuesdays) will pick up next week.)

To close today, I thought I'd show you all of the swag my hubby and I picked up at the convention:

Stuff! Stuff! Stuff!
For reference, that is a king-sized bed. Yeah...

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