Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ooh, Shiny

Got another project done this week. I am pretty pleased with it, too!

Lyrium Scarf by Cori 2012.

Closeup of pattern detail.

Pattern: Ravenna Scarf by Julie Armstrong Holetz (available for purchase from Knit Picks).
Yarn: Nerd Girl Yarns Shimma in colorway Stargate (two skeins)
Hooks: US 4.0 mm (G), 4.5 mm, and 5.0 mm (H)

I finally got to use my Stargate yarn, whee! Even with the metallic thread through it (which doesn't really show up in the pictures), I really found I enjoyed working with this yarn. Other than the vinegar smell from the dying process of course. But that's totally just me being hypersensitive to vinegar. On the plus side, after washing/blocking the smell seems to have gone away. Huzzah!

This scarf is a beast. It's supposed to be six feet long, but I think it came out closer to eight. Finding a good place to block it was fun.

Had to get a little creative to keep it off the floor.

But the kiddo and cats mostly left it alone, thank goodness.

I really do love this pattern. It is pretty quick, extremely simple, and it makes a nice soft open design that is just gorgeous. The length is great too, because you can drape it for fashion purposes if it's not that cold, or wrap it around a couple of times for warmth if you are chilly. I love versatile garments.

So I just need to get a few ewoks made and then they and this scarf will be off to their new home.

Then it will be time for me to buckle down on the rest of this year's projects!

Thankfully they are all pretty small.

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