Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Knitting Is Like Playing Video Games

At least according to the Yarn Harlot. I had a blast going to see her last week. She gave a truly fascinating talk about the actual real mental benefits that occur when you knit (just not lace). I especially liked her discussion about a study into why video games are so addictive and engaging and the fact that the seven main qualifiers the study discovered all apply to knitting quite nicely.

I think this explains a VERY lot about me.

After her talk, she gave a fun Q&A that, in addition to some side-splitting stories about why she is never visiting the three cities she's never visiting on tour again, included some very helpful information and advice on when and how to start teaching children knitting. (For reference, it's about age four or so--when the child is able to write their own name and read a simple sentence.)

She also hung around a bit to meet with people and sign books and take pictures. I got my copy of one of her books signed and got her to take a picture with me and the first pair of socks I made. She assured me it wasn't cheating that I made the first pair for my daughter (which I counted as cheating because they are smaller and easier to finish).

Stehpanie Pearl-McPhee (the Yarn Harlot), my first pair of socks, and me.

Signed book, yay!

Another upshot of the evening was discovering what seems to be a pretty amazing yarn (and other crafts) store literally just down the street from me. It was my first time to visit MadTosh, but I can assure you it will not be my last. The staff seemed very friendly and I loved the whole setup of the store. They also had some pretty impressive stock.

Of course I couldn't help it, and picked up a few things. I will say that the yarn I bought was for a specific project that I've got coming up, so I didn't even feel guilty about the splurge.

Picked up some Madeline Tosh Chunky in colorway Betty Draper's Blues.

Also snagged a few of these cute notions bags (because my notions currently live in a ziplock baggie). 

All in all it was a fantastic treat for myself, and it was very nice to spend the evening with quite a lot of like-minded people. I even got to make some pretty decent progress on my shawl, whoo!

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