Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pretty New Things

Alright. I am officially done with the dragon blanket, woohoo! However, I will not be showing it to you just yet. I'd like its new owner to get the first crack at seeing it.

It is absolutely amazing how just the right motivation can take a lingering project from a huge pain that you keep putting off to something you really enjoy doing once more. For me that motivation was the new set of crochet hooks that I received for my birthday.

Knit Picks Harmony Crochet Set (minus the J hook, which was in use when I took this)

Aren't they beautiful?? I love them! I saw that the set had a hook in the size I was using in my project and immediately switched it out. Getting to play with it all week has been a joy. The wood is super smooth and pleasant to hold and they have a nice deep hook that catches the yarn easily.

I also got a new interchangeable circular needle set:

Knit Picks Options Interchangeable Harmony Wood Circular Knitting Needle Set

I haven't gotten to use them yet, but I have been wishing for this set for a while. I cannot wait to break them in! Sadly, I am at a point on my shawl where I am doing short rows and won't be able to just pull a switch like I did with my hooks. I've got two more blankets to crochet (yarn already bought for the first one, which I will be starting this week, but once they are done I plan to do some celebratory knitting. I have one small definite project in mind and then possibly a pair of socks for me.

Maybe even out of one of these:

They Are No One (inspired by "Bad Wolf"/"Parting of the Ways")  [with bonus Doctor Who buttons]

The Dandy Doctor (inspired by the third Doctor)

Scientist, Strategist, Drone, Eternal, & The Supreme

These are the three skeins I got from the summer Doctor Who yarn club (Who's Your Doctor) that Nerd Girl Yarns did. A new skein each month with a colorway directly inspired by the series (with absolutely fantastic names, to boot). You can choose from a variety of yarn bases (or even fiber if you like to spin). I chose their sock yarn Bounce and Stomp.

I love this idea of yarn clubs, seriously. For my birthday I got a subscription to the fall club as well, so I have three more months of Doctor Who goodness to look forward to in my mailbox and on my needles (just in time for the new season to start, even)!

All in all, I think it's safe to say that I have come out on the other side of the yarn slump I've been in and am once more very excited to be making things!

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