Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fezzes Are Cool

Oh man, I love small projects. They are quick and fun and allow me to feel like I have actually accomplished something. Things like hats, for instance, will always leave me with a happy proud feeling once they are done.

Like this fez I made:

Fezzes Are Cool by Cori 2012
The birthday boy models his new accessory.

I used a US size F hook and some remnant yarn and just kind of winged it. I did use two strands of red (in two different shades) for the hat, to make it a little bit stiffer so it would stand up like an actual fez. It is hard to see in the photo, but the two shades of red give it a really cool flame feel.

This was a gift for my cousin's young one, who just turned one last week. Said cousin is a huge fan of Doctor Who and enjoys going to cons and cosplay. The kiddo gets to participate in this too, so I thought they might like to have a fez for any future cosplaying of the Doctor that might occur.

It didn't come out exactly like I envisioned it, but I am still pretty happy with the end result, and it went over very well when it was gifted, so I consider that a win all around.

Meanwhile, I've been making amigurumi like crazy in preparation for my daughter's birthday (which is Friday) and birthday party (which is Saturday). I should get those all wrapped up today and hopefully at that point I will have enough faith restored in my crochet abilities and enough motivation to tackle that blanket once more. Whoo!

Wish me luck. Happy crafting, y'all.

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