Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yup, It's Happening

The paper pile that killed our black ink cartridge...

With all of the writing I have been doing, and while I am really not caught up in any video game at the moment, I realized that the time was right to begin my second draft of Choices.

Here is my battle plan:

-Read through entire story (highlight any basic editing fixes needed, highlight any areas that need expansion/scrapping/rewording/relocating).

-While reading through story, keep in mind feedback notes from my beta readers and determine where those notes might be addressed within the story.

-Make a "second draft outline" once finished reading, giving an overall idea of any major changes to each chapter.

-Start the rewrite, one chapter at a time.

-Post finished second draft chapters here on my blog. (I think I've even figured out a way around the annoying formatting conversion from Word to Blogger.)

So there you have it guys. If you've been asking or hoping to read my 2011 Nano novel, it's coming. Soon. I am hoping to start having a chapter a week for you guys within a month at the most.

I made it through the first two chapters making notes last night. Hopefully I can keep the momentum going (and ignore the siren song of the universe that is trying to tell me to play Mass Effect 3 again).

Wish me luck.

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