Friday, March 23, 2012

I Am Taking This As A Good Sign

I am going on a trip next week (no posts next week, by the way, if you didn't see any of my earlier mentions of that). I am taking my daughter and flying out to the San Francisco Bay Area to visit my super awesome little sister and our mom is coming out as well.

My husband was trying to come with but his work schedule didn't align to let that happen, which means that this, my daughter's second flight ever, will also be my first time flying with her alone. Now, last summer, I took her on a road trip by myself. That went over pretty well for the most part. Theoretically flying should be way easier than a road trip, but I am much more nervous about this trip than I was about the last. This is because flying in general makes me a nervous wreck. Not because I am scared, but because I am kind of a control freak. When you fly somewhere, somebody else is in charge of pretty much every single aspect of your journey once you step foot in that airport. It makes me nuts. I foresee this going one of two ways:

Going this alone with my kiddo is going to be a total disaster because on top of freaking out about nobody bending to my own conception of how the universe should work, I will also be responsible for all of our luggage and my daughter and keeping her entertained and well-behaved for the duration.


I will be distracted enough with keeping up with the kiddo that I will be less susceptible to my normal flying annoyances and will therefore be much calmer on this trip than I would otherwise be.

There's really no way to tell which way things will unfold. I will just have to trust myself to the universe and hope that we get there in one piece, with all of our belongings, with minimal fuss. But either way, there is plenty of prep to be done.

Part of that prep was choosing what yarn project I would take with me for the trip. I don't want to take the blanket I am working on because the further you progress on blankets, the bigger they get and the more space they take up. Also, they require you to bring along a lot more yarn. Fine for a road trip, not so much for a flight with limited space (especially in these wonderful days where you are charged for every ounce you try to bring with you, yeesh).

I figured a pair of socks would be a good small project that I wouldn't finish up too quickly and that wouldn't take up much space in any of its iterations. Having decided that, I just needed to settle on a pattern. I flipped through some of those that I have collected and found one that is a basic stockinette stitch starter pattern. It seemed like a perfect match for my project needs. The only catch was that it required worsted weight yarn rather than sock yarn.

Sock yarn, I have in abundance, but nice sock-worthy worsted weight is another story altogether. I mean, I have a few bits here and there, but I wasn't sure I would have the right amount or colors or what have you in my stash, and I really felt this should be a project that used up stash resources. I had a yarn in mind that I thought might work but it turned out to be the wrong weight (and I really don't feel like messing with substitutions).

I had resolved myself to hunt through my whole stash and pull out anything that might be worthy when I chanced to look at the pattern again, and I noticed something interesting. I had overlooked that the pattern suggested a specific brand of yarn and even gave the number of balls required in that yarn the first time around. But when I did finally notice it, it dawned on me that I actually had some of that yarn in my stash. In the correct amount and color configuration, no less.

It was yarn I had purchased last year on that road trip I took with my daughter, when we had gone to visit my mom in Iowa. Yarn that had been earmarked for no specific purpose, but that had been purchased simply because it called to me. Now, almost a year later, there it was, ready to be put to use in a project that was literally made for that yarn.


So, I am hoping this is perhaps a good omen of awesome things to come. Fingers crossed, at least. Regardless of how my traveling plays out, at the very least, I should end up with a pretty spiffy pair of new socks. That counts as a win in my book.

So have a wonderful weekend and an excellent next week guys! See you back here in April.

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