Tuesday, March 20, 2012

At Last!!

Would you like to see that scarf I have been yammering on about since last September?

Here you go:

Wit Beyond Measure by Cori 2012.

Pattern: Year 3-4 Scarf (Ravenclaw) by Lauren Kent [from Charmed Knits: Projects for Fans of Harry Potter by Alison Hansel]
Yarn: Berroco Vintage colorway 5188 (five balls) and Berroco Comfort colorway 9729 (one ball)
Needles: US 6

Isn't it beautiful?? I love this scarf! Almost as much as I love its new owner. I had lunch with my friend Miss T last weekend and was able to hand over her (early) birthday present then. She seemed pretty happy with it as well.

You guys, this thing is massive:

Folded in half it is almost as tall as I am...

Miss T was gracious enough to model it for you guys too, yay!

Why is it that the replica scarves I want to make are always like twenty feet long? And have fringe? Sigh. Still, the end result is totally worth it. There are two scarf patterns in Charmed Knits, and this is the one Miss T's husband thought she would prefer (which she agreed with when I gave it to her). This one is a 1x1 rib and has a nice springy texture. The other one features the big thick stripes and is completely knit in the round (it's a tube and is folded flat when done). I would still like to make myself one of those in Gryffindor colors, but I think it will be a while before I knit another scarf.

There are lots of other (smaller) patterns in that book I want to give a shot anyway. Like maybe a vest, or socks...also, there is a pattern inspired by Molly Weasley's insanely awesome sweater with those crazy floppy crocheted sleeves. Though if I make that there will be some serious modification to at least the colors of the pattern.

I had a devil of a time finding the right yarn for this project, I have to admit. But the owner of my local yarn store came through and we finally settled on the Vintage for the blue and the Comfort for the grey. They have two slightly different textures, and the grey is a little smoother and shinier than the blue, but I like how the contrast came out. It gives the scarf a nice extra little bit of detail. Also, I am completely in love with that Vintage. I want to make myself something in it too...if I can find it in a nice grey it could be good for a vest, methinks.

So that's one long-standing unfinished project checked off the list. Only one more to go. Now I have to come to a decision. I haven't touched that sweater in months. I have no idea where I am in the pattern, and there is no guarantee my gauge will be the same when I get back to it. So...I am thinking about frogging it and just setting it aside to start over again when I actually have the time to sit down and work on it later this year. I hate to do that, but I am starting to think it is the best course to take. I feel really bad for it, but at this point, I kind of don't even want to touch it. Undoing it all and then starting over when I am in a better frame of mind about it seems more fair to the sweater than being annoyed at it for getting started when I really shouldn't have been embarking on such an ambitious side project.

Hmm. It will bear some deep thought. We shall see. I will let you know what I decide, in either case. Started a new blanket this weekend and am pretty happy with how that is going along, so yay for that! I am also looking at a few small projects and trying to decide which one to take with me on my trip next week, since blankets don't really travel well (at least not by plane).

Speaking of my trip, no post next week, since I will be in California visiting my sister and mom. I should have lots to show you after I get back, however, since I've already lost count of how many yarn stores my mom is planning for us to visit. Also, my sister wants to try to get a yarn-bombing project put together if we can find the time. That could be interesting.

Until then, folks.

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