Friday, March 16, 2012

Here, Have A Cat On a T-Rex

Yeah, he's judging you. Try not to take it too personally, he does that to everyone.

Because it's Friday, and because my brain checked out for the weekend yesterday. Maybe it's a lame excuse, but it really seems like Daylight Savings Time hit our house pretty hard this year--it has certainly wreaked all sorts of havoc on Baby Girl's sleeping schedule.

Also, my mind has kind of been crazy consumed with Mass Effect 3 of late (and trying to avoid spoilers for the apparent emotional roller coaster that is the ending). Hell, even Baby Girl is into it, because instead of sleeping, she wants to sit in my lap at night and watch me play. Whenever she hears me fire it up she cries "Mommy's game!" and comes running to be hoisted up to sit with me. I didn't even think that my character looked that much like me but whenever Baby Girl sees her on the screen she points and exclaims "Mommy!" with delight.

I think we have successfully managed to raise a nerd.

Anyhoo, so, have a fantastic weekend folks. I am going to have lunch with a friend this afternoon and then see if maybe I can't make the time to check out a few episodes of Game of Thrones this weekend (yeah, I totally caved and picked up the set when it came out last week). Also, I think I'll start up the next blanket that needs to be made.

Whoo! What a wild and crazy life I do lead.

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