Friday, September 23, 2011

Dragon Cycle

Remember when I told you about Squishable a while back? I mean, it's hard not to love a company whose motto is "They're giant, round, fuzzy stuffed animals. Hug them." (TM) At the time, our household was home to three of the critters: a mini dragon, mini T-Rex, and a regular sized manatee.

I have since then acquired two more, the massive dragon and the regular dragon. That's right, I now have the full Squishable dragon cycle!

Squish, Neville, and Norbert.

The massive dragon, Norbert, came to live with us on my birthday. Hubby and I went out to a movie with friends and when I got home, he had managed to sneak past my mother-in-law (he's stealthy) and was hiding in our bedroom, waiting to surprise me. Then this past Saturday Neville, the medium dragon, joined us as well, after Squishable sent out a customer survey that came with a 20% discount at the store for completion. 

Mostly, they just hang out with us in the living room, though Baby Girl has great fun rearranging them at least once a day. She very much enjoys riding Norbert. Sometimes she tries to take him into another room, and this is one of the most amusing things I have ever seen her do, as he is much bigger than she. This doesn't stop her though. She keeps going until she gets to a doorway that she can't smush him through, and then he just ends up guarding the hall until I retrieve him. One day, I am gonna remember to bust out the video camera when she tries to move him, really, I am. 

Here are a few more photos, in which my daughter tries to ride them all, so you can get an idea of scale.

Norbert is a lot easier to sit on when he's on the floor.

Neville is really not quite big enough, hon...

Baby fail? Dragon fail? Hard to say really, mostly just SMUSH.

She can't even sit on Squish properly, not that that stops her from trying.

These things are just so much fun--for the whole family, even! There are two more that we need to adopt--the full size T-Rex and the mini manatee--and after that I will do my best to resist their further charms--until they come out with something else awesome that just calls to me anyway.

Enjoy your weekend! I shall be playing with dragons.

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