Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On The Right Track

Last week I talked about some of the "one" skeins of yarn I have acquired recently, and how I was starting to look for projects to go with each skein. Part of my motivation was to use of up some of my ridiculous stash. But also, I have been kind of dawdling on my yarn crafts, and I thought maybe throwing in a few quick one-skein projects here and there in between (or during, if I need a break) my bigger projects would help me to stay excited about my knitting and crocheting.

I think this was the right idea. This past week I picked up a quick project that was on my "to make" list and I finished it in two days. I felt so happy about it and it got me excited to work on my other projects languishing in their organizer bins. Granted, it was not for any of the yarn I showed you last week, it was another skein I had bought specifically for this project, but still, the same principle applies.

TARDIS Wash Cloth by Cori 2011.

Pattern: Tardis Dishcloth by Lorenia Lemas
Yarn: Knit Picks Dishie in Jay (about half a skein needed)
Needles: 7

Yup, it's another Doctor Who project. It is crazy how much of my knitting is actually inspired by my nerdy loves. It was a little difficult to photograph, but I think you can see the pattern of the TARDIS, the Doctor's ship, in the cloth. This pattern was super simple to knit up, it is just knit, with the pattern picked out in purl stitches. It was also actually pretty easy to get the pattern down, despite the frequent changes from row to row. I did use a different border than the pattern called for. The author uses a 1x1 ribbing around the edge, but I felt like that looked a bit uneven, so I did a seed stitch around instead, and I am very happy with how it came out.

I think the most difficult part of this project was my needles. My size 7 straights are ridiculously long, and my size 7 double-points are really short (meant more for working in the round on smaller projects like socks, I think), so I went with my size 7 circular needles. This would have been fine except for the cable. It was much longer than I needed too, so it was constantly getting in my way. It was mostly just a minor annoyance, but still. Definitely a reminder that I am still building up the proper needle collection.

I have another small project I want to try to get done this week (after I go pick up some appropriate needles), so hopefully that will keep my spirits and motivation up. I am going to need it, too. Right now I have one project on the needles that is going much more slowly than I would like. It is not hard, just a little tedious (though I really do love the yarn, so that is helping a bit). I am hoping to have that project done by the end of November, but we shall see if that happens or not. I have another large project, this one crochet, that I will be starting in October and pretty much planning to devote the majority of my crafting time to until it is finished. It doesn't need to be done until the middle of November, but I don't want to slack on that one. I already have done the pattern swatch, and I think it is going to look really spiffy. Here, have a peek:

October project pattern swatch.

That would free me up for most of December to get any holiday projects done in theory, so this seems like a good plan. But wait, there's more! Apparently I feel that, like Stargate Atlantis' Rodney McKay, I do my best work under pressure. Because I decided that I would also participate in this season's Knit Along at Lion Brand, which is a really cool looking sweater--which is kind of another huge project. Also, I have never knit a sweater before, so holy crap, what am I thinking? Still, I couldn't stop myself. Sigh. Not to mention that Lion Brand announced a new yarn this week that I had to get to make something for one of my best friends. But that I know will be a quick project, so it's okay, I think. That can be one of my distraction projects.

So as you can see, the party never ends over here. Just looking at my crafting plans for the next two months makes me wonder if I will still have my sanity (well, what's left of it) by the end of the year. Then I realize that crafts are only one small part of everything else I have going on. Oy vey.

Should be interesting to see how it all turns out, eh?

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