Thursday, June 23, 2011

Southbound 35

Well, things went mostly well with the drive yesterday. The weather was pretty spiffy for the most part, though I could have done without the wind.

I accidentally (on purpose) overshot Oklahoma City last night and ended up stopping about 160 miles from home. I briefly considered pushing on through, but Baby Girl and I both really needed to stop. Of course, I did pick the hotel where the internet was down, though thankfully it is back up this morning. Cori gets cranky with no internet, folks. Also, why does autocorrect always try to capitalize internet? It really can't still be considered a proper noun, can it?

Anyhow, should be a short drive home, yay! Then I will collapse like an flan in a cupboard and all will be well.

Laters, y'all. Send some happy home-stretch travel thoughts my way, please.

Here, have a picture of my daughter being awesome at Cracker Barrel:

Straight for the peg game.

Also, a very happy birthday to Mr. Joss Whedon! Thank you for all of the awesomeness. We look forward to your next round of goodies, sir.

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