Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On The Road Again

Today I bid adieu to my mother and stepfather and head on back to Texas. It has been a wonderful visit, even if some of our plans had to be changed due to circumstances beyond our control. It is always so nice to get to see my family again.

The plan is to try to make it to Oklahoma City tonight (well, almost to OKC or just past it, I have personal reasons that keep me from wanting to actually stop overnight in OKC itself ever again in my life if I can help it, especially when I am alone with my daughter). That will make for a super short easy jaunt back to DFW tomorrow in theory.

The good old Facebook seems to be telling me that everyone down in DFW is experiencing some crazy-ass stormy weather right now (while the news up here would have us believe that the entire state of Texas is on fire at the moment), and we have had some rainy/stormy weather going on up here as well. This tells me I have a more interesting drive than I would like ahead of me today.

I did engage my limited weather-fu skills last night, however, and did a bit of research. It seems to be that these are two completely different storm cells not moving toward each other (at least along my path of travel). Looking at the major cities along my path it looked like I should expect random chance of showers until I get past Kansas City snd then for things to be pretty dry from there. A quick check again this morning shows my way to be pretty clear of rain and a mostly sunny, if windy, drive. Fingers crossed.

So that's me today. Wish me luck. Have a great one, folks! Stay safe if you're in a part of the country with the crazy weather!

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