Monday, December 13, 2010

Stuff That Happened This Weekend

I finished my "last" secret Christmas project.  No pictures of it yet, but I am really really happy with how it came out.  I will be posting some as soon as it has been given.  I hope the recipient enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it!  (I say last in quotation marks because my husband pondered earlier as to whether or not our daughter would wear mittens if she had them, because she keeps taking off her shoes and slippers and putting them on her hands, and I got it into my head to see if I could hunt down a real quick pattern for crocheted mittens to make for her.)

I got both the front panels of my official current crochet project done, huzzah!  Now I just have to do the skirt part of the sweater and then assemble the pieces.  Hopefully I can knock this one out this week.

I made some pretty significant progress in my video game.  I blew through the first part of the Olympus Coliseum level in twenty minutes, I kid you not.  I even beat Cloud, which I had never managed to do before!  For those curious, the Olympus Coliseum level is a series of tournaments against various Heartless and other opponents.  The initial part is five battles against Heartless (in a row, with no stopping to save or go to the menu to restock items), then Cloud (who I think is a FF character), and then Cerberus.  After that, you can (and should) come back to the world periodically to compete in new tournaments, eventually fighting Hercules and Hades.  You get extra loot if you complete each tournament by yourself and within a time limit after your initial play-through.  So far I have completed the second round by myself, and I got to the last battle of it a couple of times in the time limit but haven't finished it yet (it is nine battles you have to complete inside of three minutes).  Yesterday I got to the Monstro level, which is where I got stuck the last time I played.  I am going to try to power through that today, so fingers crossed.

I will note that a few of the issues I have with the game that I complained about last week, I have already learned get corrected with extra in-game experience.  Mainly the number of items your character can equip does increase (and I also learned the healing spell, so I can do that instead of potions if I need to, as long as my magic holds up).  Also, after a while, you earn the ability to recover your magic power naturally over time.  It is slow, but you can equip an ability to speed it up a little bit.  It makes sense that this is something I would have missed the first few times through though, because I really wasn't paying attention to the abilities and I hadn't yet figured out the strategy involved in leveling up.  So, that has made playing a lot more fun again.  The camera still blows though.  I will be running toward a target and as soon as I get close, the camera will just swing around and I won't be able to see anything.  This seriously slows me down in combat, because I spend half the time running in the wrong direction as I can't see where my character is or is going.  Sigh.  Oh well.  I am trying to ignore that part and enjoy the bit where I am actually having fun.

One of my very best friends had a birthday this past week, so on Saturday my daughter and I went out to dinner with her, her husband, her parents, and another friend at one of my very favorite restaurants, King Tut.  If you like Mediterranean food and are in or find yourself in the Fort Worth area, please do give this place a try.  The food is fantastic, the atmosphere is the perfect amount of cheesy, and the staff (it is owned and run by a family) are just super friendly.  Dinner was a blast, and Baby Girl performed admirably, impressing people with how well behaved she is in restaurants.  We got lucky with this kid, I tell you.  Also, she continued her tradition of eschewing bread, sadly, but she did like the hummus even without the bread, so there's that.

I definitively decided that I do not want to get a dog.  I know that may seem like it came from out of nowhere (it certainly did when I told my husband the other day), but I actually have, for the last few weeks, been thinking about getting a dog.  Not seriously or anything, just idle thoughts.  I think I am just dreaming of a new pet, even though I think right now the two cats we have are more than enough.  I am an avowed cat person, and while I don't mind dogs, I much prefer them to belong to other people.  But for some reason lately, getting a dog has seemed like, if not a good idea, then at least not a terrible one.  But at dinner on Saturday there was a conversation about dogs and crate-training, and the kinds of accidents that are common when one has dogs...and after about ten minutes of listening to that I realized that nope, sorry, no dogs for me.  If the kiddo gets older and wants one, there will be a lot of thought and proving levels of responsibility before it happens, but it will only be upon her request.  I'll stick with my cats.  There may still be accidents from time to time, but they are the kind I am much more used to handling.

After dinner on Saturday, Baby Girl and I went home and curled up together to watch my second favorite Doris Day movie, Lover Come Back.  I hadn't seen that movie in at least ten years, and thought I would order it from Netflix to see if it was as awesome as I remembered it from my childhood.  I have to say that despite the horrible gender stereotypes, it totally lived up to my expectations.  I will be getting that to add to my permanent collection soon. 

(For those of you wondering, my favorite Doris Day movie is Calamity Jane.)

Yesterday was just kind of a quiet day.  Went to church (where my daughter somehow managed to escape from the nursery, but was thankfully found and returned by a nice couple before she could exit the church completely), then came home and spent the day with my husband and daughter.  My mother-in-law had been out of town visiting her parents but she got back in yesterday and swung by for a quick visit on her way through Fort Worth.  It was really nice to get to see her again.

All in all, it was a very good weekend.  Plenty of time with friends and family, lots of time spent hanging out with my daughter, and I was still able to sneak away for some gaming and crocheting.  Life is good, my friends.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some laundry to tackle, and I have to attempt to trim a 16 month old's fingernails.  Wish me luck!  Here, I will leave you with this awesome cartoon from The Oatmeal to start your week off right:  Cat vs. The Internet

No Daddy, you can't have my Christmas bear!

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