Friday, December 23, 2011

A Star Wars Christmas

As you may have guessed, Star Wars has been on my mind more than a little this holiday season. I mean, I'm not gonna go so far as to watch that holiday special of which we will never speak again, but it's definitely in the air.

Along with the launch of The Old Republic, I also stumbled across a Lego Star Wars advent calendar. Of course I bought it. Twenty-four little assorted minifigs and kits for my December building pleasure? Heck yes!

The minifigs are definitely my favorites, but I also think some of the ships are pretty cool (and creative, to get them down that small). There are also a few completely random items in there, but it's all good. I still get to start every day with a little bit of Lego building, and I will definitely take that!

Without further ado, I present to you, the Lego Star Wars days of Christmas!

Day 1: Republic Cruiser

Day 2: Angry Neimoidian (Nute Gunray)

Day 3: Nute's Walking Mechano-Chair

Day 4: Homing Spider Droid

Day 5: Slave I (Boba Fett's ship)

Day 6: Chewbacca!

Day 7: Chewy's Workbench

Day 8: X-Wing Pilot (I'm calling him Wedge, whether he is or not)

Day 9: X-Wing

Day 10: Lambda Class Imperial Shuttle

Day 11: Separatist Pilot Battle Droid

Day 12: Snow Speeder

Day 13: Astromech Droid (R2-Q5)

Day 14: Mouse Droid

Day 15: Republic Attack Gunship

Day 16: Clone Pilot

Day 17: Weapons Rack

Day 18: Y-Wing

Day 19: TIE Pilot

Day 20: TIE Fighter

Day 21: Millennium Falcon (!)

Day 22: A-Wing

Day 23: Life Day Christmas Tree

And, because I don't normally post on Saturdays, I went ahead and sneaked a peek at tomorrow's for you. Behold:

Day 24: Santa Yoda (Complete with a sack of presents!)

A very good mix of original trilogy and prequel flavors in there, I have to say. The box it came in is a little bit destroyed because of how the flaps for each day open up, but I am thinking about saving it nonetheless to use again when Baby Girl is a little bit older and we can enjoy assembling each bit together.

Anyhoo, that's me out for the rest of the year. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas (or your holiday of preference) and Happy New Year's. Regardless, have a wonderful week, and I hope you get some time to enjoy with friends and loved ones as well as some much deserved relaxation. No posts next week, I'll see you back here on Monday, January 2.

Ta ta for now!

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