Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Knitting To Go

Well, I wish I could say it has been a super productive week on the knitting front, but it really hasn't. My husband came down with some sort of crud and it wasn't long before I caught it too. It pretty much drained any desire to play with pointy objects for a few days. I am finally starting to feel a bit better, thankfully. Just in time, too, considering that I leave on Thursday to go visit relatives for Christmas.

With travel comes the making of many lists in preparation to pack and then leave. Among those lists are what project(s) I will want to take with me on my trip. I sat down to assess what I've got going on at the moment and make that particular decision.

My current project pile.

At the moment I have three projects in the works (all knitting). There is a fourth stealth crochet project that I might try to sneak in before the trip, but I am still deciding on that one. The projects above include: that darn scarf (left), my poor KAL sweater (top right), and socks for my daughter (bottom right).

I think I have decided to bring the sweater and the socks along with me. The socks, obviously, because I am hoping to get them done in time to be a stocking stuffer for baby girl. The jury is still out on whether or not that will happen, but who knows. When I initially took the photos for this post, this was all I had of the socks:

Winter Sock # 1

But after taking the photos and looking at all of my projects, I got a bit inspired and sat down to work on them a bit more, so that I now have this:

Cuff, leg, and heel turn done, whoo!

So, they're shaping up at least. Worst case scenario, I don't finish them by Christmas and she gets them for New Year's instead. I have at least gotten to the point where I don't feel quite so very much as if I am knitting with a porcupine anymore. I'll take it.

I was also heartened to see that when I pulled out my KAL sweater, I actually was a bit further along than I remembered. In between the last update I showed you guys and when I had to set it aside for other more pressing projects it did manage to go from this:

Oscar Pullover Update 1

To this:

Oscar Pullover Update 2

I am hardly foolish enough to think I will return from my trip with a completed sweater, but maybe at least a completed back and a good start on the front. Perhaps I can finish this before January is out, at least.

I plan on giving the scarf the week in between Christmas and New Year's, maybe alternating it with the sweater so it doesn't get the chance to get too tedious. Then it will be my "small" project to work on in between all of the blankets (and possibly some commissioned baby hats, if my friend still wants them) that I will start up once that dang sweater is done.

Whatever else my goals for 2012 might be, one of them is most definitely to try to keep my project list from spiraling so out of control again! Heh. We'll have see how long that one lasts, though, won't we?

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  1. as long as you don't get distracted by new patterns, yarns, KALs etc, that plan should work out just fine :)