Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night...At The Ballpark

Well, my husband and I took our daughter to the Rangers game last night. Or at least, we tried to. We made it through the top of the fourth inning before the game got delayed due to the crazy severe weather going on in the metroplex. 

It was actually really nice out. You know, until the downpour and hail showed up. During the third inning the stadium management evacuated everyone from the upper deck and moved them down to the lower seats due to high winds. As the game progressed, crazy amounts of debris started accumulating on the freaking field. That's just not cool. I got a little bit of video of it blowing all over the place. I couldn't capture it making the little cyclones it was doing at one point, but still, I think you get the point. 

When finally the rain showed up and they pulled out the tarp to cover the diamond, they had all kinds of difficulties getting it put in place. The wind was not being very nice.

It's alive! Run for your lives! Oh, wait, my bad, just the wind.

I got a little bit of video as well of them trying to get it into place, being cheered on by the enthusiastic crowd. We are apparently easily entertained and had nothing else to watch at the time, so...

For a little while it just sprinkled on us and we just hung out and waited for it to pass. Then it started raining a little bit more and we busted out our umbrellas (and Baby Girl resolutely refused to keep both of her legs underneath the protective device). Then it really started coming down and everyone ran for cover. By this point it was almost nine, and as Baby Girl's bed time is ten, and as we couldn't exactly do anything while we waited but stand around holding a squirming toddler, I convinced Hubby it would probably just be best to head home.

We hiked back to the car and hung out for a little bit, using the wonderful modern marvels that are smartphones to figure out if it was actually safe to go anywhere. Then we toodled on back to the homestead, making a stop at a drive-through Starbucks once we were back in Fort Worth. The rain had pretty much ceased where we were and we felt we owed ourselves a treat, since we missed out on cotton candy at the game. The drive home was a little stressful at times (there was some hail before we got in to Fort Worth), but we made it through safely and all was well.

It wasn't exactly the family outing we had planned on having, but it was an adventure in its own right and we all (mostly) enjoyed ourselves.

It seems we left the stadium just in time to avoid being evacuated into the tunnels underneath, so that was pretty good as well. Though apparently the game did eventually resume, after about a three hour delay. Sadly, the Rangers could never get their mojo in full gear, and ended up losing to the White Sox (8 to 6). Still, it was a pretty good game, what we got to see of it. I have an uncle who is likely very happy at the outcome, being a die-hard Sox fan and all.

Here are a few pictures of us having a good time before the weather rolled in.

Baby Girl hamming it up for the camera.

Baby Girl chilling with her daddy (and not understanding
how straws work).

Baby Girl, Hubby, and me. (I swear she isn't picking her nose!)

I am given to understand that there were all sorts of weather-related news interruptions during Glee last night, so I think I shall just delete it from my DVR and watch it online this afternoon.

I had intended today's blog to wish you a happy National Towel Day* (happy National Towel Day, by the way, you hoopy froods!) and to show off my super awesome completed towel. Alas, while my towel so far is super awesome, it is definitely not anywhere near completed. Usually a crocheted towel takes me about a day (maybe two) to whip out, so I grossly underestimated how long a knit towel would take to make. Upon realizing that after two days of work, I decided to shelve that project until a later date and make a quick crocheted towel to have done for today. But...that one isn't done yet either.

Look, I know exactly where both of my towels are. They just aren't done. But I will dedicate a big chunk of today towards working on them, and they will be with me. So that counts, right?

Anyhoo, I hope you are having a wonderful day and that, if you live in an area suffering from this crazy severe weather that seems to be cropping up everywhere, you are weathering the storms safely! A good day for towels, really, don't you think?

*If you are unaware of National Towel Day, it is a celebration of Douglas Adams and his Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. If you already knew that then in my book you are, indeed, a hoopy frood.

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  1. Wes and I will be virtually joining you watching some Glee on Hulu this evening. I hear it's not worth trying through Fox - though I give them props since at least this time they got it up online quickly after the interruption so people were less furious ;) I'm glad y'all got home safe and sound despite the super crap weather.