Friday, February 11, 2011

Where the Heck Did This Wall Come From?

Wow, I am so stuck in my game right now. It's not that I don't know what I need to do to get unstuck, it is just a matter of actually keeping my character alive long enough to do that. Sigh.

A quick look through some of the online walkthroughs for the game suggest that this is a point at which many people get stuck, so at least I am in good company, I suppose. Those walkthroughs also seem to suggest that I am actually nearing the end of the game already, which is kind of a crazy surprise. Though if the game really is that short, I will not complain, that means it will be one I can pick up and play again often.

Because, you see, I really am enjoying this game, despite the fact that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed seems to share a major similarity with the last game I played, and in something I did not actually previously enjoy. Remember when I griped that the last game was just a bunch of cut-scenes with a little bit of game play in between? The Force Unleashed is actually doing the same thing. But you know what? It is doing it a heck of a lot better.

This definitely isn't a traditional role playing game, where you get to design your character and choose the class and make decisions that affect how your story arc goes.  Which I guess I should have expected from what I know about the story, but it has all of the other game play elements of RPGs that I enjoy, so I am still having fun with it. Plus, lightsabers. Also, multiple crystals you can find to change the color of and damage inflicted by your lightsaber. Awesome sauce.

One of the things I am, surprisingly, enjoying a lot in this game is that it rewards you for being a total jerk. You get extra points for killing people in creative ways (like using the Force to pick up a stormtrooper and then throwing him into three more stormtroopers, knocking them all off the edge of a platform into the pit of lava, for example). You refill your health bar by killing people and therefore draining their life energy. It makes sense, of course, because the character you are playing is a Sith-in-training. Given that in the previous Star Wars games I've played I have never enjoyed going dark side, I am surprised how much I am enjoying it here. But it is kind of a nice way to burn off negative energy, I've gotta say.

I will do a more thorough writeup once I've finished the game, I am sure, but I did want to give a quick update. Hopefully I can suck it up and get past this stuck part today or tomorrow.

Tonight I am going out with my friend Miss T for another ladies' night! We're going to the Movie Tavern to see The King's Speech. I am super excited about all of the Britishness that awaits. Also, movie theaters that serve sweet iced tea are always a bonus in my book.

Don't forget to swing by the Gronk site to check out today's strip! I will be spending much of today plotting on how to make a hat like Gronk's for my very own...

Have a great weekend folks.

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