Tuesday, January 18, 2011


My daughter has officially declared herself done with the high chair.  Oh she'll sit in it for her cup of yogurt at breakfast, sure.  But that is a super quick feeding and one that Mommy still "helps" with.  But for lunch and dinner she will sit and eat for maybe twenty minutes and then she wants to stand up and dance around in her seat.  I cringe with nervousness just thinking about it.

This has really just started happening in the last week and a half or so.  What I have been doing is picking her up and putting her in my lap and putting her plate or cup on the table in front of me, and she's settled down and resumed eating like a normal human being almost every time (some days she's just antsy).  Once or twice I've sat her in the seat next to me and scooted it all the way up to a table, keeping a close eye on her as she finished her meal.  That kind of works, but the table is just under her chin, so it's not very comfortable for her.

I had already been thinking maybe it was time to get a booster seat for a while so I finally broke down and ordered one.  This one, in fact.  It should get here today, and I am kind of excited about it.  We went out to dinner this past Friday and Sunday nights and had Baby Girl sit in a booster seat rather than a high chair just to see how it would go and both times she took right to it.  My fingers are crossed that she behaves as well at home.  The booster seat has an added bonus in that it is supposed to be ultra-portable, and folds right up into its own little pouch, with a storage area for dishes and such.  If it takes up even half the space that the high chair does, then it is going to be a dream to travel with.

It's weird all of the little things that over the course of a few months become the status quo with a kid and then suddenly just change.  Sometimes a switch just flips, like with the high chair thing, and sometimes it is gradual.

Just in the last few days Baby Girl has also finally been able to climb up onto the couch.  If you put her down in the living room now, nine times out of ten, she just ambles over to the couch and pops right up on it.  Very rarely does she actually just sit on the thing--she likes to run around and dance on it.  In fact, you know what, let's just say she likes to dance on any elevated surface she can get herself onto.  Girl is trying to give me a heart attack, I swear.

Now that she is running around and climbing up on things with some proficiency, I am starting to think that she may be ready for the switch from her crib to a toddler bed.  That is definitely going to be the top question on my list for my doctor at our 18 month check-up next month.  At least she's not climbing out of the crib!  (Yet.)

It's crazy how fast they grow up, isn't it?  I always thought it was just talk, but man, it is just so true!  I know a lot of moms get very sad as their kids fly past various stages of development, but I think I am more just kind of in a blown away state of amazement than anything else.  Besides, as much as I am enjoying these times (and I really am trying to remind myself to savor these moments as they happen), I really just cannot wait to see what she's going to do next, or to find out who she is going to become.

I just really, really hope it's not a cheerleader.  But that's okay, I've got a plan for that too.  Cheerleading will be allowed, but only if she joins the math club or the chess team as well.  I'm on it.

What?  I'm sitting in it, aren't I?

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