Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bits and Ends

 Just a quick post for you today.  I can feel the very edges of a cold coming on, and I am trying to fight it off with some preventative DayQuil, which means I am a bit loopy.  Thought I'd just share a few of my goings on with you and then be on my way. 

I took my daughter to an introductory class at The Little Gym today.  It was a lot of fun, and we are definitely going to be signing her up for regular classes.  We are probably going to wait another month to do so though, for two reasons.  Baby girl is right on the edge of the age groups, which means if we start now we'd have to transfer her to the older class in a month or so.  Also, this is an activity we are theoretically doing with a friend (a baby and daddy we met in swimming lessons over the summer), and he is a few weeks older than Baby Girl so we want to make sure they can be in the same class.  Although I don't know if starting her out in the younger group and then transferring her up would be a bad thing, now that I've been through a class.  Might bear some thinking about.  It will definitely be a test of Baby Girl's attention span, and I think that's a good thing.  She needs to learn to accept direction, and this might help.  I hope.  I am definitely looking forward to going to future classes while not strung out on cold medicine, as that will probably help me be more on my game.  Also, that was almost as much of a workout for me as for Baby Girl, so, you know, it helps to be healthy.

I'm looking forward to a Mommy's Night Out tonight--my friend Miss T and I are planning to get together and go see Black Swan.  I am very curious to see it, I've heard some pretty good things.  Also, much as I love my daughter, my husband is about to go out of town for a week and some change to sit in with The Frontier Brothers in New York, so I am really looking forward to getting some baby-free time while I can.

The last skein of yarn for my Doctor Who scarf came today, and I am about halfway done with my crocheted jacket project, so things are progressing nicely on the craft front as well.  Also, on the gaming front I am starting to get more into the game a little bit, which is nice.  It would be lovely if I could actually find myself enjoying playing, rather than viewing it as a chore, which you know, is kind of the point.

Finally, I have been reading one of my favorite books again for the umpteenth time.  It is called Good Omens and it is the funniest story about the apocalypse that you will ever find.  It never fails to cheer me up, and with the dreary weather we have been having, this was a good time for me to pick it back up.  I will definitely be giving you a review of that once I finish it.

That's all I've got for you today.  Have a great one! 

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