Tuesday, November 8, 2011

+2 To Productivity

Well, I've hit the home stretch on my blanket, huzzah! I might, might, just finish it this week. We shall see what we shall see on that front. But it is looking good, my friends, looking good. I absolutely love this pattern. It is gorgeous. I will likely never use it again though. Because, well, dang. Very time-consuming on top of the normal time consumed in blanket-making.

I did cave in and take a day out last week to make myself that pair of fingerless gloves I was thinking about. They turned out to be pretty fantastic, actually.

NaNoWriMo Mitts by Cori 2011.

Action shot!

Action shot (the sequel)!

Pattern: Idony Fingerless Gloves by Sarah Francis
Yarn: Red Heart Wintuk Sock & Sweater in Grape (1 Skein)
Hook: E

These worked up very quickly. There was one little confusing bit in the pattern in regards to how the increases were written, but it was explained pretty quickly in the comments on the blog where the pattern was posted, so that didn't slow me down much at all. I even found a use for that super fun random vintage Red Heart sock yarn my mother-in-law gave me. There is enough left over that I can probably make a matching accessory of some sort, possibly a hat, though I will save that for a later day.

I am pleased as punch with the finished project. I have been thinking about making a pair of fingerless gloves for quite some time now but have always hesitated because I remained unconvinced they could actually do much good in the keeping my hands warm department. I am glad to say I was wrong about that. These work like a charm to keep me comfy in my chilly office. I am considering them my NaNoWriMo good luck charm, as I am already doing ridiculously well on my word count (more than a little ahead of where I need to be at this point). Of course, I need to keep the story itself at a sustainable pace, but that's another issue entirely.

Nonetheless, these turned out wonderfully and that made me very happy, which in turn gave me a little extra boost of motivation with my blanket, which also made me happy. Circle of happiness, yay!

Okay, gonna go try to get something creative accomplished. Until next week, folks.

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