Monday, September 27, 2010

Three Out of Four

The Rush concert last night was amazing.  They did play The Spirit of Radio, Tom Sawyer, and Workin' Them Angels, but not Roll the Bones.  Still, not too shabby.  Although, it is not a surprise, I was kind of sad that they have updated their little intro skits and background videos for the new Time Machine tour.  What they've got now is pretty amusing and in some places downright cool, but I miss the dragon from the Rio tour and the South Park intro to Tom Sawyer.  Oh well, change is a fact of life, I suppose I had better get used to it, eh?

Baby Girl keeps herself entertained.

The best part about the show, however, was how amazingly well behaved my daughter was.  She truly is a very mild-mannered and pleasant child to be around most of the time, but last night she just went above and beyond.  She danced and played all during the first set and, though she was clearly starting to get sleepy, just sat and observed during the second.  The people sitting to the left of us commented on her good behavior and mentioned that they have an 11 month old at home (Baby Girl is 13 months).  When other parents are impressed, I definitely take that as a compliment to my child.  While Hubby and I couldn't make ourselves shell out $80 for the truly awesome hoodie, I will consider the $5 for two glow sticks an incredibly sound investment considering how much fun Baby Girl had with them.  We also got many approving comments for "starting her out young." 

And yes, for anyone curious, they did open up the second set by playing the entire Moving Pictures album.  I love this band. 

The only downside of the adventure?  Traffic, of course.  It wasn't terribly bad getting in, despite the fact that we were sharing parking with the State Fair patrons as well as fellow concertgoers.  But getting out, hoo boy.  We got to our car in the very back of the parking lot relatively quickly and then pulled out and got in line to exit our lane...and sat there...for forty-five minutes.  Craziness.  I was trying very hard not to be too grumpy about being out/up until one a.m., especially since, had I been at home, I would probably have been up that late playing my game, but still, it was irksome.  Totally worth it though.  All in all, I give the evening a solid A+. 

And now, it's Monday, which means Laundry Day (last load is in the wash, yay!), and I am totally zoned out, not because I'm tired (which I am), but because the change in the weather (it is quite lovely out) has resulted in a very unpleasant sinus headache.  Sigh.  Ah Fall, you have arrived.  I caved and turned the AC off this morning, so that means it will probably be 100 degrees again next week.  Better enjoy it while it lasts, then.

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