Friday, February 10, 2012

Webseries Recommendation: Geek Therapy

I don't watch a lot of webseries, I'll admit. When I watch videos on my computer I prefer them to be very short (like, under a minute short) unless they are extremely relevant to my interests. To get me to sit still for an entire music video or theatrical trailer, it had better be something I am really excited about. You've got a clip of a cute animal doing something amusing? Awesome! How long is it? Three minutes???? Are you kidding me? No thanks, I'll wait for the GIF.

The point I think I am trying to make here is that when I do find a webseries that catches my interest, enough for me to continue watching episode after episode, you can be sure that I think it is FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC. Especially if I recommend it to other people. Like you, my readers. Geek Therapy is one of those webisodes, y'all. They are short and sweet, most clocking in at around two minutes, and very very funny. For geeks of all flavor.

Made by Comediva, these shorts are about a therapist who works to counsel geek wannabes (yes, they exist, believe it or not, though probably not in such exaggerated form as this series shows) toward achieving true geek status, as well as helping to bring back geeks who have gone too far down the rabbit hole. I was originally tipped off to the series by GeekMom, and after watching a few I immediately subscribed.

Sure, the series pokes fun at us geeks and nerds, just as much as it does at the jocks and normies, but it does so in a loving fashion, to my eye. It's certainly no worse than The Big Bang Theory. It also brings up the interesting point that being geeky has somehow become "in" of late, or at least the appearance of being geeky has. We have wormed our way into pop culture and people are starting to take notice and wonder what all of the fuss is about. Now we just have to work on being inclusive and letting people into our club if they really want to be there. I'm not really worried about the posers, they'll be gone as soon as the next fad hits. But hey, the more people who discover how awesome being a geek really is in the process, the more chance that some of them will really stick around, right? I feel like that's the overall spirit of this series. Also, it makes me laugh. A LOT.

But good things are best when shared with others, so, for your Friday viewing pleasure, check out a few. I think you'll enjoy them.

Well, now that you are sufficiently amused, please go forth and have a marvelous weekend!

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